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Sizes: Reg/Teeny Weeny Tinypoutine regular and teeny weeny

Poutini’s Traditional Poutine 7.30/5.30
Served with Fresh Cheese Curds and Beef, Vegetarian or Gluten-Free Gravy

Layered Poutine 9.29/7.52
(Traditional Poutine + an extra layer of cheese curd in the middle)

Bacon Poutine 9.99/6.99
(Traditional Poutine + Bacon)
Add Maple Syrup for 0.75

The Works Poutine 10.57/7.50
(Traditional Poutine + sour cream + bacon + chives)

BBQ Pulled Pork Poutine 9.99/6.99
(Traditional Poutine + Pulled Pork)

Smoked Meat Poutine 10.74/7.74
(Traditional Poutine + House-Cured Smoked Meat)

Vegan Poutine 7.30/5.30
w/ Vegan Gravy and Daiya Cheese

Roasted Mushroom + Onion Poutine 8.84/6.41
(Traditional Poutine + Roasted Mushrooms + Onions)

Fries and Gravy 5.99/4.52
w/ Beef, Vegetarian, Vegan, or Gluten Free Gravy

Classic Frites 4.20/3.31
w/ any Dipping Sauce

Dipping Sauces 0.99
Plain Mayo, Spicy Mayo, Roasted Garlic Mayo, Bleu Cheese Mayo,
BBQ Sauce, Hickory Smoked Mayo

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