The 12 Best Italian Restaurants in Vancouver, BC (2022)

Sitting at home each night and having the same old meals can become tedious. If you want variety, what better place to go than a restaurant that introduces diners to different cultures through food, music, and décor?

Enjoy a lovely meal with your family, friends, or even by yourself. The diverse tastes and the variety of flavors that the 12 best Italian restaurants in Vancouver offer mean there’s something for everyone.

1. The Italians

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: (604) 559-5034
  • Address: 1220 Bute Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The Italians is an intimate Italian eatery that is known for its fresh pasta along with starters and a few entrees. They also boast an interesting wine list. While the restaurant is intimate, don’t let the limited seating fool you into thinking that you won’t be having an authentic Italian meal here.

The warm atmosphere makes guests feel relaxed and welcome. After a long day at work, the Italians is the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a delicious coffee as you appreciate the fantastic décor and lovely music surrounding you.

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2. Mangia Cucina & Bar

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: (604) 620-5445
  • Address: 2211 Manitoba S, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1K1, Canada


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Mangia Cucina & Bar is a converted heritage house with a cozy interior and a wide selection of modern Italian dishes. You can savor Italian cuisine that combines many elements of culinary traditions and order great spaghetti, carbonara, and mushroom ravioli. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, the tasty tiramisu, cannoli, and lemon pie can tantalize your tastebuds.

The well-trained staff is happy to help and offer a selection of wines or simply a great cappuccino. The wonderful atmosphere and great service only add to the satisfaction after a reasonably priced meal.

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3. Lupo Restaurant & Vinoteca

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$$
  • Contact: +1 (604) 362-5443
  • Address: 869 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC, Canada

There is no place like home and for Lupo Restaurant & Vinoteca, this couldn’t be more true. They’ve created a unique atmosphere by locating their restaurant within a house. The feeling of home only adds to the fantastic experience. Quiet, classy, cozy, and romantic are the atmospheric qualities that Lupo possesses.

The enjoyable service and cheerful staff only make it better. Everything is made in-house, from hand-rolled breadsticks to ground sausage and pillowy pasta dough, every element of a recipe is created as if it is the only ingredient.

The food speaks for itself at Lupo. Quality ingredients are well prepared and professionally presented. This is the perfect place to celebrate your anniversary with fair prices and a homely ambiance.

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4. Ask For Luigi Restaurant

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: (604) 428-2544
  • Address: 305 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6A 1C4


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If you’re a fan of Italian cuisine, ask for Luigi. It’s a cozy eatery that serves large and refined Italian dishes meant for sharing. This is why it is the perfect place for a meal with your family. The intimate Italian-inspired restaurant specializes in fresh, handmade pasta and offers wines that are available by the half-liter or by the bottle.

Satisfied diners recommend the panna cotta, olive cakes, and biscotti. Good service, delicious meals, and the beautiful décor create a peaceful ambiance. The staff works hard to make the atmosphere cheerful and enjoyable. You are guaranteed great Americanos, lattes, or tea in this fabulous little restaurant.

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5. Sopra Sotto Pizzeria

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: +1 (604) 423-3310
  • Address: 1510 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada


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The combination of simple wood grain, playful details, and traditional metals, create an environment that feels inviting and is the perfect place to gather with family and friends. During the day, an abundance of light brightens the restaurant.

The evenings are enticing with warm lighting and rich tones, giving this dynamic space an atmosphere for anything from a quick family dinner, date night, or a drink with friends. The restaurant’s vibrant energy extends to the patio where the diversity of Commercial Drive grabs everyone’s attention.

Sopra Sotto is well known for its great service and friendly staff who are always ready to help. Take a seat and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and modern décor while indulging in delicious meals.

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6. Di Beppe Restaurant

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: (604) 559-1122
  • Address: 8 W Cordova Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1C9


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Di Beppe works hard to make delicious Italian meals for its guests. The compact Italian menu of starters, pizza, and pasta, as well as a full bar, is offered to you by the friendly staff who provide great service and want you to feel relaxed and comfortable.

You will be impressed by the great cappuccinos and the lovely ambiance of the place. People can come to enjoy tasty spaghetti carbonara, sausage pizza, or meatballs while embracing the inviting ambiance. Visitors applaud the spectacular décor and helpful staff.

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7. Osteria Savio Volpe

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$$
  • Contact: +1 (604) 428-0072
  • Address: 615 Kingsway, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


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If you are an Italian cuisine lover, visit the fantastic Osteria Savio Volpe, where you’ll be exposed to homemade charcuterie and wood-fired Italian fare served in an industrial, modern restaurant and bar. Any event can be held here, whether it be a birthday party, anniversary, or wedding.

The tasty spaghetti carbonara, anchovy, and prosciutto come highly recommended. The customer service is good, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Savio celebrates liveliness, warmth, and hospitality. The décor is beautiful, and the charming atmosphere relaxes clients.

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8. CinCin Ristorante + Bar

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$$
  • Contact: (604) 688-7339
  • Address: 1154 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1B2


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CinCin Ristorante + Bar is an eatery that offers upscale Italian dishes, handmade pasta, and excellent wine and comes highly recommended for a traditional meal in a cozy Italian setting.  The menu is a representation of the clean and plentiful flavors of Italian gastronomy.

The freshest, hand-selected ingredients that grace every dish are procured from only the most trusted suppliers. Meals are transformed with a unique combination of enthralling aromas, tastes, and textures.

The team at CinCin aims to deliver a memorable culinary experience with craft cocktails, their renowned grappa collection, and an award-winning wine program. CinCin comes highly recommended with its tasty meals, brilliant customer service, and beautiful décor making your experience a spectacular one.

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9. Kissa Tanto

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$$
  • Contact: (778) 379-8078
  • Address: 263 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1T8, Canada


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An elegant, fashionable, and trendy experience is what you will enjoy at Kissa Tanto. The Italian Japanese cuisine and cocktails are enjoyed in a space that has spectacular décor accompanied by a cozy ambiance, allowing guests to feel relaxed and comfortable.

The chef’s dishes are different, imaginative, and delicious, like the tasty fried octopus, miser, and octopi salads. The tiramisu, millefoglie, and crumble are desserts that are guaranteed to delight.

The accommodating and friendly staff provide excellent service and are knowledgeable of both the menu and its ingredients. The atmosphere is beautiful, with the space designed for small, intimate dining experiences.

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10. Giardino Restaurant

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$$$
  • Contact: (604) 669-2422
  • Address: 1328 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1W5


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Experience fine dining with Italian cuisine in a classy, Tuscan-style dining room. The Florentine-styled courtyard and sidewalk patio graces the front of the restaurant. Giardino takes guests through a traditional Tuscan adventure, allowing them to experience the bold and rich flavors of this Italian region.

The mains and desserts come highly recommended along with their delicious coffee. The interior décor, replete with tiles from Tuscany, exposed wood beams, vaulted ceilings, and artwork reviving memories of old-time granaries, is a reminder of a time when every grain was considered sacred and in need of protection.

As you enter the restaurant, you’ll be engulfed in the beauty of Tuscany, reminiscent of the countryside along the Mediterranean sea.

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11. Nook

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: (604) 568-4554
  • Address: 781 Denman St, Vancouver, B.C., Canada


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The Nook offers fine Italian cuisine where you can taste perfectly cooked mushroom pizza, gnocchi, and rigatoni or delicious chocolate mousse, tiramisu, or panna cotta. The rustic Italian fare is made with seasonal ingredients and served in a cozy, lively space.

Customers feel relaxed in the convivial atmosphere with good service being the order of the day. The Nook offers delicious food at affordable prices. The restaurant is small but intimate with a warm and lively vibe. The creative staff is always ready to help fill your glass. Guests say that the coffee is well worth the wait.

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12. Pepino’s Spaghetti House


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With an extensive wine list and large portions of tasty Italian food, Pepino’s Spaghetti house offers every guest something that will satisfy their tastebuds at affordable prices. The great coffee is a superb accompaniment to the tiramisu, cheesecake, or banana split.

The staff is polite and helpful, offering top-notch customer service, while you enjoy the relaxing ambiance of the restaurant. This warm and laid-back Italian eatery elaborates on American Italian red sauce cuisine using locally sourced ingredients with some well-known staples, including fresh, house-made pizza and spaghetti.

Appreciate the terrific décor and peaceful atmosphere as you dig into a delicious bowl of spaghetti, prawns, or meatballs.

Restaurant Price Review: $$

Contact: +1 (604) 254-5633

Address: 631 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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Tasty food, good service, a range of beverages, a hospitable atmosphere, and reasonable cost, all in a convenient location are some of the key aspects of a good restaurant.

These restaurants embody these qualities and provide wonderful food with key ingredients that make each one a unique experience. Every top restaurant is abuzz with innovation, passion, and originality, which is what makes them the 12 best Italian restaurants in Vancouver.

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