12 Best Restaurants in Montreal, QC (2022)

To find the 12 best restaurants in Montreal, peruse the following select establishments. With a greater number of restaurants than any other Canadian city, Montreal boasts a unique blend of compelling Quebecois dishes together with cuisine from all over the world. No matter your taste or mood, these eateries offer you a notable dining experience.

1. Jellyfish Crudo and Charbon Montreal

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$$
  • Contact: (514) 303-0908
  • Address: Square-Victoria – OACI, 626 Rue Marguerite-D’Youville, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Jellyfish Crudo and Charbon are ranked among the best restaurants in Montreal. The Crudo + charcoal aspect is the duality of the Crudo and the aromas from the charcoal grill. The Crudo selection, featuring tartare, carpaccio, sashimi, tataki & oysters, includes vegetables on the grill, a hot starter, and mouth-watering charcoal-grilled fish and meat.

The fine-dining kitchen boasts a winner of an episode of Chopped Canada 2015. They offer an updated sharing cuisine with Asian and South American influences. There’s also a sophisticated wine list on offer, formulated by their talented sommelier. And don’t forget to try the mixologist’s scintillating cocktails.

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2. Nora Gray

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$$
  • Contact: (514) 419-6672.
  • Address: 1391 Rue Saint-Jacques, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


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Nora Gray is an Italian restaurant that offers a cozy dining room full of black leather booths that are small-scale and intimate. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a bottle(or two) of red with friends. Some ‘Montrealers’ swear by Nora Gray as the best Italian restaurant in the city.

You will also be convinced once Emma Cardarelli’s seasonal creations arrive at the table. These include a sublime buttered asparagus ravioli with duck heart Bolognese, a lemon farfalle with zucchini flowers and poppy seeds, as well as a simple (and incredibly fresh) summer salad with pistachio and Pecorino. The restaurant is vegetarian-friendly and offers delivery and takeaways.

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3. Restaurant Jerome Ferrer- Europea

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$$$
  • Contact: +1 (514) 398-9229.
  • Address: 1065 Rue de la Montague, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Ferrer claims to have a philosophy of “To move. To touch. To surprise…” and was voted the 1st best restaurant in Canada in 2018, 24th best restaurant in the world according to Trip Advisor and America’s Best Restaurant & Bar design awards.

At its new location, Europea has become a much more multi-purposed restaurant than before. They now offer a daily afternoon tea service which includes scones, smoked salmon canapes, and macarons (among other options). Lunch consists of sandwiches, salads, and a few main plates, as well as a JP Bar – a comfortable lounge space focused on cocktails.

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4. Garde Manger

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$$$
  • Contact: (514)678-5044
  • Address: 408 Saint Francois Xavier St, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2S9, Canada


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With the vibe of an English pub, crossed with a French bistro and embraced by a Californian raw bar, you’ll be mesmerized by the busy, open kitchen. Order from the blackboard menu, enjoy the décor, replete with an oversize chandelier, as Garde Manger offers you the friendliest, most efficient, and happy-go-lucky service this side of the St Lawrence River.

It is considered a great party spot with its dim lighting and drinks that flow with the music thumping louder and louder as the night goes on. The restaurant is always packed and a bit loud, with a mix of local foodies devoted Hughes fans and tourists. You will find the food sumptuous, the lobster poutine unforgettable, with a strong French influence. The list of well-selected wines is the cherry on top of a taste extravaganza.

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5. Le Pegase

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$$
  • Contact: (514) 522-0487.
  • Address: 1831 Rue Gilford, Montréal, QC H2H 1G7, Canada


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Renowned for its French cuisine and selection of meats cooked to perfection, Le Pegase has been in the heart of Plateau for 25 years. The discrete décor and quiet atmosphere are welcoming and friendly, allowing for a romantic evening between lovers or a meeting place for friends to come together.

You are allowed to bring your wine, which means that you can be your sommelier and pick your favorite bottle with no corkage fee. A collection of great teas or chocolate frappe is provided for guests. This restaurant is a great venue to celebrate any event, from birthday parties to weddings.

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6. Restaurant Bonaparte

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$$
  • Contact: (514) 844-4368.
  • Address: 447 Saint Francois Xavier St, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2T1, Canada

Consisting of three unique spaces and a bar, this restaurant serves French, European, and Canadian cuisines along with special diets that are vegetarian-friendly as well as vegan and gluten-free options. It has gourmet French tasting and pre-theatre menus in a Napolean-themed inn, with alcoves as well as a skylight.

Start your day with a delightful breakfast, served with a warm smile or a bistro-style lunch that offers the ideal break during your workday. Dinner consists of exceptional food and wine choices that include organic wines, as well as some unique selections from the restaurant’s favorite contemporary wineries.

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7. Chez Sophie

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$$$
  • Contact: +1 (438) 380-2365.
  • Address: 1974 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, Québec, Canada

Chez Sophie is an understated French eatery preparing avant-garde seafood and meat dishes, as well as wine. With an ambiance that is light with a homey feel and delicious cuisine, Chez Sophie is a modern restaurant with both Italian and French cuisine.

They don’t fall short on their wine bar either. Their menu encompasses Italian, French, European, and international cuisines, as well as being vegetarian-friendly. This is certainly an eatery not to be missed.

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8. Candide

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$$
  • Contact: +1 (514) 447-717.
  • Address: 551 Rue Saint-Martin, Montreal, Québec, Canada


Candide accommodates most tastes, where you can choose between indoor or outdoor seating with the help of attentive staff. Enjoy a meal at attractive prices and enjoy the superb atmosphere and fine décor. Candide boasts 2 Frommer stars and is marked as highly recommended for the quality, service, amenities, and special features.

This is a fine dining destination presenting farm-to-table cuisine with exceptional wine, all served up in a warm, brick-walled venue.

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9. Ristorante Quattro

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$$
  • Contact: (514) 903-2909.
  • Address: 17 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, Québec, Canada

Ristorante Quattro features modern décor and a relaxing atmosphere. It has garnered a reputation as a comfortable place to meet up with family or friends for a relaxed meal. The menu is based on Italian, Tuscan, and Central-Italian cuisines.

It is gluten-free, with vegan options, as well as being vegetarian-friendly. It embodies Italian dining in a modern space with exposed-brick walls and a mellow vibe. They have a versatile wine list so that every visitor can satisfy their tastebuds. Ristorante Quattro is also a great destination if you love your coffee and are an espresso fan.

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10. Ile Flottante

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$$$
  • Contact: (514) 278-6854.
  • Address: 176 Saint Viateur West Street, QC 2L3, Rue Saint- Viateur O, Montreal

A tasting menu is offered that gives preference to vegetables, with a small selection of meat and seafood. The restaurant aims to create meals that reflect a balance of flavors and draw on the styles and inspirations of their kitchen. It is considered a busy spot for creative French dishes and a stylish space that is decorated with eclectic local artwork.

It is both a dine-in and a takeaway restaurant that also offers comfortable outdoor seating. They have excellent service and are considered to have a most reasonable menu, providing great value for money. Clients feel relaxed here because of the calming décor and restrained atmosphere.

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11. Holder

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$$
  • Contact: (514) 849-0333.
  • Address: 407 McGill St, Montreal, Québec, Canada

best restaurant in montreal Holder

Designed by one of the city’s most reputable architects, Luc Laporte, Holder boasts high ceilings, tall windows, and bar walls stocked with hundreds of bottles. This contributes to its remarkable reputation, making it one of the busiest restaurants in Montreal.

The holder is dynamic, busy, and good fun, packaged with a reasonable price tag. It doesn’t matter what time of day it may be; the Holder is always buzzing with activity. It has a festive atmosphere as well as delicious cuisine. The menu stays the same, but it’s done well and all dishes are masterfully executed. Their wine list offers a variety of local and international wines.

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12. L’Autre Saison

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$$
  • Contact: (514) 845-0058.
  • Address: 2137 Crescent St, Montreal, Québec, Canada


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L’Autre Saison offers superb tartare, enchantingly presented with carefully simmered salmon filet, accompanied by mushrooms in white wine. These dishes will delight even the most delicate palates.

There is an impressive antique staircase that leads to a private room where a magnificent fireplace is on show. The staff is efficient and courteous, always happy to be of service. They have a talented pianist that performs every week to add to the ambiance while enjoying your meal. This elegant French restaurant offers formal service and an upscale wine list in a beautiful Victorian mansion.

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The best restaurants in Montreal are all rated highly due to their excellent service and superb cuisine. A wide variety of food is on offer so you are not limited to only French or Italian fare and all boast excellent selections of wines and spirits. Most of the restaurants have improved or evolved into new and modern spaces with uprated décor and innovative menus to enthrall their guests.

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