The 12 Best Indian Restaurants in Banff

Whether you are a visitor or a local, finding the best Indian restaurants in Banff will be a challenge. The locals will tell you, that to get your Indian cuisine, you may have to drive for up to an hour if you wish to try something new and different.

So, whether it’s tandoori chicken or butter chicken, you’ll find it on this list, but beware, it might take a little while for you to reach your preferred destination if you’re on the lookout for an alternative to your usual selection.

1. Masala – Authentic Indian Cuisine

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: (403) 760-6612
  • Address: WOLF & BEAR MALL, 229 Bear St, Banff, AB T1L 1B1, Canada


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Masala Authentic Indian Cuisine is hailed as Banff’s first Indian Restaurant. It offers a wide variety of dishes that are cooked in a wood-fired tandoori clay oven. The portions are substantial and are made according to taste – mild, medium, or hot.

Enjoy excellent service in a cozy and hearty atmosphere whilst also enjoying traditional Indian music and views of Wolf Street and Cascade Mountain. You have the option to dine in, collect curbside or have your delicious meal delivered.

The owner and staff are super friendly and the portions are huge. There’s too much to try in one sitting and regulars will appreciate the personalized service, coming back time and again to enjoy the tasty menu.

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2. Saffron Indian Bistro

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: (403) 985-2005
  • Address: 205 Wolf St, Banff, AB T1L 1C2, Canada


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Enjoy traditional and authentic Indian food, lunchtime thalis, and Indo-Chinese dishes in this relaxed, well-placed Bistro in the heart of Banff.  The service is excellent, the servers helpful and the varied A-La-Carte menu offers a large selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes with Halalal options.

The quality of ingredients is top-notch, and the food is flavorful, hearty, and substantial. This venue is also available for private events.  You have the option to dine in, collect curbside or have your meal delivered. If you have a craving for traditional Indian cuisine in a calming and relaxed atmosphere, then don’t miss out on a visit to this venue.

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3. Indian Curry House

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: (587) 222-8779
  • Address: 225 Banff Ave #202, Banff, AB T1L 1A2, Canada


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This rustic restaurant is perfectly situated near the Canadian Ski Museum West, which is part of the original culture of the city and is therefore easy to find. The menu includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian classic Indian cuisine from the different regions of India.

Enjoy pleasant and efficient service in a relaxed, homey atmosphere whilst savoring substantial portion Indian restaurant in Banff of tasty and well-prepared meals.  You have the option to dine in, collect curbside or have your meal delivered. The servings are huge and the quality is fantastic. This is authentic southern Indian cuisine at its finest and well worth a visit.

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4. Banff Shawarma

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: +1 (403) 762-0489
  • Address: 317 Banff Ave, C1B, Banff, Alberta, Canada

Banff Shawarma

Whilst it may not be traditional Indian cuisine, Banff Schwarma makes a great alternative if you’re looking for middle-eastern food. Start or end your day with fresh Mediterranean Cuisine. This restaurant is a little hole in the wall, which serves traditional Middle Eastern dishes that are prepared with some of the finest seasonal ingredients, providing a rich taste in flavor.

Choose indoor or outdoor seating as you enjoy friendly customer service while indulging in the delicious halal shawarmas offered at reasonable prices. Banff Shawarma does takeaways and delivery for your convenience, which is just another reason why this place comes highly recommended by several visitors.

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5. The Chaya

  • Price Review: $$
  • Contact: (403) 760-0882
  • Address: 118 Banff Avenue, Banff, AB

The Chaya

Chaya is a dine-in or take-out joint with a variety of Thai, Japanese, and curry selections. The Chaya is a simple yet cozy eatery with a busy atmosphere and great service. Enjoy tasty food of substantial portions served to you by staff that is friendly and welcoming.

These cuisines as well as the coffee come highly recommended by visitors and are considered reasonably priced by all who eat there. Though this restaurant is not purely Indian, the Indian meals served are well worth trying.

This is a no-frills restaurant where quality is paramount and service is great. As they have become more popular, the wait times have got longer, so be prepared for a bit of a wait if you order during their busy times.

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6. NestersMarket

  • Price Review: $
  • Contact: (403) 762 -3663
  • Address: 122 Bear Street, Banff


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The Nesters Market provides a wide selection of prepared grab-and-go entrees, including traditional dinners, pasta entrees, and ethnic foods. The dishes are produced from locally grown, organic produce with a focus on vegan-friendly meals.

The locals recommend the take-aways that are reasonably priced and delicious with friendly service and a nice variety for all tastes. So, follow those in the know and order your Indian food from this little-known venue in the heart of the Nesters Market.

There is a multitude of vegan options that are quite surprising given the size of the venue. You’ll enjoy the naan bread on offer as it’s freshly made and delicious.



7. Taste of Sri Lanka

  • Price Review: $
  • Contact: (403) 762-3112
  • Address: 317 Banff Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1A1

Taste of Sri Lanka

The Taste of Sri Lanka serves a variety of Indian dishes. Portion sizes are huge and, as a value for money option, you can’t go far wrong. The chicken satay is highly recommended and the service and attention to detail are excellent.

This is predominantly a takeaway restaurant with most dishes visible behind glass displays. The butter chicken is a dish for which they are well known, with moist, tender chicken displaying just the right amount of aromatic spiciness. It’s a popular venue so you may have to wait for your food, but it’s worth it, guaranteed.

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8. Ramen Arashi

  • Price Review: $$
  • Contact: (403) 760-0908
  • Address:3rd floor #213 Sundance Mall, 215 Banff Ave Box 4153, Banff, AB T1L 1E6, Canada

Ramen Arashi

Ramen Arashi serves a delightful selection of Indian dishes for every taste. From spicy salads to large bowls of ramen and delicious desserts, the portions are generous and filling. It is impossible to come away from a meal without being completely satisfied.

The quality is superb and the staff is helpful and attentive. We highly recommend the bowl menu as the dishes are tastefully presented and perfectly prepared. But be warned, seating is at a premium and if you arrive at a busy time, expect to wait before being seated.

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9. Nourish

  • Price Review: $$$
  • Contact: (403) 760-3933
  • Address: 211 Bear St #110, Banff, AB T1L 1A8, Canada


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Nourish has been providing the residents and visitors to Banff with an eclectic style of food since 2005. They are committed to bringing vegan and vegetarian cuisine to their customers at a reasonable price with the freshest ingredients available.

While not an Indian restaurant exclusively, they do prepare Indian-style meals that appeal to a broad section of plant-based food lovers. Meals are tailored to customers with allergies, gluten intolerances, and raw food aficionados.

The staff is super helpful and attentive, always ready to provide assistance and explain the various alternatives available on the menu. Nothing is too much trouble for the hard-working kitchen and you’ll leave satisfied every time.

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Canmore is a 20 minute drive from Banff.

10. Indian Authentic Cuisine

  • Price Review: $$$
  • Contact: (403) 678-3365
  • Address: F-1702 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore

Indian Authentic Cuisine

Authentic, rich Indian dishes are this restaurant’s specialty. They offer a wide range of delicacies, such as butter chicken, Naan bread, and various regional dishes to tempt your tastebuds.

Served by knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff, you’ll enjoy true Indian hospitality. The staff takes the time to explain the ingredients and help you to place your order. The menu is extensive and you’ll not be disappointed with the great variety of platters on offer.

Request a biryani or another beef or chicken option if you’re really hungry. It will take many visits to work your way through the impressive menu.

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11. The Roaring Rolls

  • Price Review: $$$
  • Contact: (403) 675-4474
  • Address: 113, 304 Old Canmore Road, Canmore, AB T1W OL5

The Roaring Rolls is a modern Indian-themed restaurant, serving traditional, regional Indian cuisine. From biryanis to chicken tikka’s, you’ll find all the old favorites mixed in amongst a modern interpretation of the spicy, aromatic dishes.

The food is out of this world in a fusion of Canadian and Indian delights. The super-friendly staff are passionate about service, providing excellent guidance on the extensive menu.

Each dish is a visual delight, almost too good to eat. The portions are huge and enough for two to share. You’ll get your money’s worth and then some. Our recommendation is to visit as soon as you can.

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12. Spice Hut

  • Price Review: $$
  • Contact: (403) 609-9997
  • Address: 1310 Bow Valley Trail Canmore, Alberta T1W 1N6

Spice Hut

This restaurant boldly claims to serve the best Indian dishes in town. And based on what we’ve seen, they’re not far wrong. Specializing in east Indian and regional dishes, the Spice Hut provides an extensive menu that includes everything from chicken tikkas to tandoori platters and garlic naans.

We recommend the chicken korma as it’s perfectly presented with just the right amount of spice. The service is excellent and very helpful. The staff is happy to explain ingredients and the differences between the various dishes. Overall, you’ll enjoy authentic Indian cuisine at a reasonable price with large, well-priced portions.

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13. Mumbai Local

  • Price Review: $$S
  • Contact: (403) 675-7676
  • Address: 101-837 8 St, Canmore, AB T1W 2B3

Mumbai Local

The Mumbai local is inspired by the streets of Mumbai, and it shows. A traditional tandoor clay oven provides an aromatic addition to the swirling spices that emanate from the kitchen. An extensive menu is available and the attentive staff are more than happy to explain the dishes, their origins, and the various ingredients.

A Chicken Malai Kebab is a recommended dish with succulent meat and a deliciously spicy, aromatic sauce. Service is quick and efficient without being overbearing. With great décor and excellent food, it’s no wonder this is such a popular venue for those who love Indian food.

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The best Indian restaurants in Banff are known for their excellent quality and superb service. The knowledgeable staff is always on hand to provide assistance and regulars find that their favorite starters appear before they even have to ask for them. It’s this attention to detail and friendly service that keeps loyal customers coming back over and over again.

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