16 Best Restaurants in Collingwood, ON (2022)

Collingwood is a great destination full of delights to discover, from parks to historic homes, trails, museums, and the well-known annual Elvis festival. Apart from the scenic destinations, Collingwood is also known for its incredible food. In this article, we will provide you with a list of the 16 best restaurants in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.

1. Tremont Café

  • Address: 100 Pine St, Collingwood, ON L9Y 2N9
  • Contact: (705) 293-6000
  • Pricing: $$$ – $$$$


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Located in the historic Tremont Building, Tremont café is not your ordinary eating joint. This restaurant is all about fine dining with upscale services and tastes thanks to their attentive, kind, and passionate staff.

The restaurant only offers a 4 to 8-course meal experience, which explains their high price tag. Apart from the amazing food, Tremont café serves expensive cocktails and wine, including classics like Aperol Spritz.

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2. Sushi Hon

  • Address: 70 Hurontario St, Collingwood, ON L9Y 2L6
  • Contact: (705) 444-0099
  • Pricing: $$ – $$$


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Known for their amazing Aburi Oshi Sushi, the Sushi Hon restaurant was awarded the Taste of the Town of Collingwood People’s Choice Award in 2016. While there are multiple great sushi restaurants in Collingwood, what sets Sushi Hon apart is their menu, containing over 60 sushi rolls to choose from, and that’s just a section of their menu.

They have other tasty dishes like beef tataki and many more. Other specialties you might want to try include the king dragon and salmon flame roll.

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3. AI Carbon

  • Address: 61 Hurontario St, Collingwood, ON L9Y 2L7
  • Contact: (705) 446-0306
  • Pricing: $$ – $$$


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Ai Carbon is a Latin American-inspired restaurant that was launched in July 2020 in the heart of Collingwood. The restaurant serves authentic Peruvian cuisine with an Argentine gaucho-style wood fire grill.

You can enjoy the freshest ingredients, exotic flavors, bespoke cocktails, and vibrant dishes in an inviting setting. The restaurant’s sleek interior is marked with modern décor and lights that contrast the dark furnishing to create a warm, elegant setting for parties, dates, and night-outs with your boys or girls.

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4. Brunello at 27 on Fourth

  • Address: 27 Fourth Street Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 2T1
  • Contact: (705) 444-8322
  • Pricing: $$$ – $$$$

Enjoy a true Italian experience in the middle of Collingwood at the Brunello 27 on Fourth. The warm, inviting atmosphere and an enticing aroma of fresh ingredients will hit you immediately you step into the restaurant.

The unique dining experience is decorated with wooden beams in the ceiling, and the walls are adorned with vineyard artwork.  Whether you’re a fan of hand–made pasta or you prefer to go into the details of the full meal, such as the scrumptious Osso Buso, Brunello at 27 on Fourth has got you covered.

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5. Baked & Pickled

  • Address: 137 Hurontario St, Collingwood, ON L9Y 2L9
  • Contact: (705) 607-0707
  • Pricing: $ – $$


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If you’re a fan of tacos, burritos, and enchiladas, Baked & Pickled is the restaurant for you. The owner, Paul Luckert, developed a passion for Mexican eats and sought help from distributors and markets to bring the perfect Mexican taste to the city.

That means every dish is made from quality ingredients sourced in Mexico. We also liked the fact that you can choose from a wide variety of foods without breaking the bank. Portions are generous, and they have daily specials.

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6. 1858 Caesar Bar

  • Address: 158 Hurontario St, Collingwood, ON L9Y 2M1, Canada
  • Contact: (705) 446-9919
  • Pricing: $$ – $$$


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Located on Third Street, Hurontario, 1858 Ceassr bar should be your go-to restaurant for iconic drinks. Apart from being the first Caesar bar in North America, 1858 also boasts some of the best signature cocktails in Collingwood.

With over 45 unique Caesars to choose from and an additional option to create your own Caesar, you will be spoilt for choices. When it comes to food, you can enjoy dishes like surf and turf with delicious toppings, including lobster, steak, and shrimp.

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7. Black Bellows Brewing

  • Address: 40 Simcoe Street, Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 1H6
  • Contact: (705) 532-1569
  • Pricing: $$ – $$$

If your meals are incomplete without a bottle of beer, you won’t want to skip Black Bellows Brewing. It is an 1800s blacksmith shop that was turned into a brewery.

While Black bellows mainly focus on beer, they’ve also done a great job ensuring that people eat stackable, sumptuous meals before taking their favorite bottle. They also have a kid’s menu featuring cheeseburgers, hamburgers, and grilled cheese with frites.

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8. Low Down

  • Address: 65 Simcoe St Unit 5, Collingwood, ON L9Y 1H7
  • Contact: (705) 444-3696
  • Pricing: $ – $$


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Low Down is one of the trendiest restaurants in Collingwood. The owners, Cassie Mackell, and Jeff Beltran have transformed the place into an intimate and cozy restaurant serving Asian-inspired snacks that come as meals.

Low Down’s menu is fairly small as the restaurant focuses on improving its expertly crafted dishes. Most of the dishes here can be adapted to suit various diet requirements. The restaurant resumed indoor dining in Jan 2022 and only accommodates 2 to 6 people if you’re hosting a party.

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9. Fish & Sips

  • Address: 206 Hurontario St, Collingwood, ON L9Y 2M2
  • Contact: (705) 293-7477
  • Pricing: $ – $$


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Fish & Sips believes in preparing great food made from fresh ingredients at reasonable prices. The restaurant is known for its desserts that go for less than $10, like the Key lime pie, which was voted the best in Toronto. Their potatoes are chopped in-house daily, depending on demand. They also have healthy choices for vegetarians and dieters.

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10. The Smoke

  • Address: 498 First St, Collingwood, ON L9Y 1B8
  • Contact: (705) 293-5522
  • Pricing: $$ – $$$

The Smoke The Smoke

If you’re a big eater and enjoy barbecue dishes, the award-winning Smoke restaurant is a perfect place to be. The smoke restaurant takes barbecue to the next level by creating everything from scratch.

The only items not smoked are fries and bread. Every style is smoked using Cam’s secret spice concoctions to create great-tasting meals. This is the only place you will find some of the biggest portions in Collingwood. Currently, the restaurant does not allow indoor dining, but you can order online. However, you can use their patio and picnic tables to enjoy your meals.

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11. 98 Super Panda

  • Address: 50 Hurontario St, Collingwood, ON L9Y 2L7
  • Contact: (705) 446-8098
  • Pricing: $ – $$

98 Super Panda restaurant in collingwood

If you’re looking for some delicious Chinese cuisine in the heart of Collingwood, 98 Super Panda is a perfect choice for you. It has been voted the best Chinese restaurant in Collingwood seven times in the last ten years.

You can check out some combo dinners and enjoy generous amounts of the finest Szechwan, Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan, Cantonese, and Mongolian cuisines at affordable prices.

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12. Lakeside Seafood & Grill

  • Address: 9 Harbour St E, Collingwood, ON  L9Y 5B5
  • Contact: (705) 446-3274
  • Pricing: $$$- $$$$

The lakeside Seafood and Grill provides a great waterfront dining experience in the Collingwood and Blue Mountain area. It is one of the best restaurants to enjoy local cuisine.

You can savor some of the diverse, sustainable seafood and mouthwatering dishes by the serving chef Emily Millen’s inspired land-to-sea menus. They also have a sophisticated wine list, unique cocktails, and craft beers to go along with the food as you enjoy the stunning view of Georgina Bay.

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13. Harbour Street Fish Bar

  • Address: 10 Keith Avenue, Unit 403 Collingwood, ON L9Y 0W5
  • Contact: (705) 293-3474
  • Pricing: $$ – $$$

The Harbor Street Fish Bar is the ideal restaurant for fine, high-quality steak, fish, seafood, and pasta. It is also one of the best restaurants for those who enjoy music while dining. You can check their websites and subscribe to their newsletter for updates on live music events.

The restaurant was voted the best Live Entertainment venue in 2020 in the Readers’ Choice Awards 2020. Here you can enjoy some of the finest fish varieties with chips and other accompaniments. The restaurant offers take-out services for people living in the surrounding communities within a 30 minutedrive to ensure the food is in its freshest form when being consumed.

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14. Tesoro

  • Address: 18 School House Ln, Collingwood, ON L9Y 4H5
  • Contact: (705) 444-9230
  • Pricing: $ – $$

Collingwood’s favorite Italian restaurant, Tesoro, is growing every day. Their traditional Italian menu offers a wide variety of meals that can surpass your traditional Italian menu. Whether you enjoy a taste of Italian pizzas or crave the ideal traditional dishes, Tesoro has everything in one setting.  You can also order some of chef Tony’s favorites—veal marsala!

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15. Northwinds Brewhouse & Kitchen

  • Address: 499 First St, Collingwood, ON , L9Y 3Y6
  • Contact: (705) 293-6666
  • Pricing: $$ – $$$

Another great brewery passionate about great food is the Northwinds Brewhouse & Kitchen. The restaurant is also keen on supporting local communities by sourcing locally produced ingredients. Their beer-inspired menu means that every dish they have pairs well with one of their beers.

They also have a location in the Blue Mountains where you can dine or order online. Note that Nothwinds Brewhouse & kitchen operates on a first-come, first-served basis and does not take advance reservations.

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16. Duncan’s cafe

  • Address: 60 Hurontario Street, Collingwood, ON  L9Y 2L7
  • Contact: (705) 444-5749
  • Pricing: $ – $$

Duncan's cafe restaurant in collingwood

The Duncan’s Café offers a huge selection of foods ranging from salads, soups, and sandwiches to grilled Atlantic salmon, French pork chops, and Vegetarian Strudel. Everything is prepared from scratch on-site, including salad dressings and soups. The restaurant also features a full bar and dishes for a vegetarian diet.

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Final thoughts

Whether you’re a food fanatic, explorer, or researcher, you’ll definitely enjoy your food experience in Collingwood. If you’re a Canadian resident, you also have an opportunity to enjoy global cuisines at affordable rates. We hope that our listing of the 16 best restaurants in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada helps you find your ideal restaurant.

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