12 Best Restaurants in Newmarket, ON (2022)

The 12 best restaurants in Newmarket encompass a wide variety of cuisines. With its cosmopolitan nature and growing population, an increasing market has developed for innovative and trendy establishments. Catering to the tastes of a new generation of foodies and professionals looking for the next best thing, these restaurants will not disappoint you.

1. On The Rice

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: (365) 268-1008.
  • Address: 130 Davis Dr. D6, Newmarket, ON L3Y 2N1, Canada


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On The Rice is an Asian fusion restaurant that also does takeaways and deliveries. This bar is known for its Japanese and Korean cuisine. On The Rice holds a 5-star rating and is inexpensive. With warm, inviting, and attentive service, fresh and tasty food is always served and leaves you feeling satisfied after indulging in their large portions.

The restaurant is small but has a comfortable atmosphere that allows you to enjoy the dishes which have an oddly familiar but different feel about them. This is a venue worth visiting for a unique experience.

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2. Cambodian Noodle King

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: (905) 836-4479.
  • Address: 110 Pony Dr #15, Newmarket, ON L3Y 7B6, Canada

Cambodian Noodle King

The Cambodian Noodle King is a hidden gem that also does takeaways and deliveries. This Cambodian and Chinese restaurant serves delicious and well-presented meals that are always fast, fresh, and hot. Just like their friendly and courteous staff.

Prices are considered reasonable for the generous portions. The décor is modern, with a natural, down-to-earth ambiance that makes visitors feel relaxed and content. This unusual restaurant will have you coming back for more and recommend it to your friends as well.

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3. The Goulash House

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$$
  • Contact: (905) 235-7922.
  • Address: 200 Main St. S, Newmarket, ON L3Y 3Z2, Canada

The Goulash House

The Goulash House is a dine-in restaurant as well as takeout, delivery, and curbside pickup. This restaurant consists of a simple dining room and an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy a range of dishes from Hungary and its surrounding regions.

If you are looking for a tasty dinner on the go, this is the place to be because you can order dishes as a takeaway or simply sit down and enjoy great teas and coffee. The friendly staff will seat you quickly so you can enjoy the generous portions of amazing food while relaxing and enjoying the welcoming atmosphere. Though the place may be small and, for some, pricey, the quality is brilliant and worth a visit.

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4. Luna Ristorante

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: (905) 710-7833
  • Address: 16655 Yonge St #9-10, Newmarket, ON L3X 1V6, Canada.

With a passion and decades of experience brought to your table by the owners, Luna Ristorante serves classic Italian dishes. Their signature Tagliatelle, mouth-watering Mushroom Risotto, and Pizza Di Parma will delight your senses and you’ll feel yourself being transported back to the old country.

There is an intimate atmosphere, including wood-fired pizza and a global wine list, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. If you are looking for delicious and authentic flavors, Luna Ristorante provides an unforgettable dining experience that is relaxing and caters to everyone. Large portions of food, filled with the love of Italian cuisine, will make your tastebuds dance the Tarantella from the abundance of flavors. Buon Appetito!

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5. The Buttery Restaurant

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: (905) 836-0303
  • Address: 17565 Yonge Street, Newmarket L3Y 5H6.

The Buttery Restaurant

If you are looking for a good, hearty homestyle breakfast, The Buttery Restaurant is the perfect place to be. With friendly and attentive staff who are knowledgeable and efficient, The Buttery Restaurant provides you with a relaxing and mouth-watering experience.

A popular choice in this family-friendly restaurant is the steakhouse menu with prime rib and a popular Caesar salad. Excellent value for money and generous portions are the order of the day. It’s not hard to see why this restaurant has built such a loyal following.

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6. Chip+Malt

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: +1 (905) 235-6258
  • Address: 201 Main St. S, Newmarket, ON L3Y 3Y9, Canada.


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After a long day of work, all you want to do is sit back and relax and Chip+Malt is the perfect place to do just that. The cozy atmosphere and varied menu offer British cuisine at attractive prices. Codfish and chips, as well as fried halibut, are recommended dishes.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, the sticky toffee pudding, and creamy cakes are something to consider when placing your order. The spectacular décor adds a nice touch to this fish and chips restaurant.

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7. Big Bone BBQ

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: +1 (905) 853-9888
  • Address: 207 Eagle St, Newmarket, ON L3Y 1J6, Canada.


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If you are looking for a great restaurant that specializes in barbecue, Big Bone BBQ is the place for you. This dine-in/takeaway restaurant has its chefs going the extra mile to ensure that their BBQ is satisfying from the first bite to the last.

With their 2-day marinades, signature rubs, and secret sauces, you’ll be delighted with sauce-soaked smoked ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. This cozy restaurant is proud of its hard-working staff who make the place a wonderful experience for their customers. Don’t forget to ask for the delightful dessert menu. It’s worth every mouthful.

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8. Il Bistro Café & Pizzeria

  • Restaurant Price Review: $
  • Contact: + (905) 953-1553
  • Address: 16630 Bayview Ave, Newmarket, ON L3X 1X2, Canada.

Il Bistro Café & Pizzeria

For those Italian cuisine lovers out there, il Bistro Café & Pizzeria is recommended to you. A modest strip-mall café that features Italian fare like pies, sandwiches & pasta, of course. The owners have brought their Italian roots to Canada.

They are proud to have served their delicious traditional recipes to the York Regional community for over 20 years. Reasonable prices and efficient staff make this restaurant special with an atmosphere and ambiance that is relaxed, down-to-earth, and cozy. It comes highly recommended.

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9. Guacamole Mexican Bistro

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: + (905) 235-7185
  • Address: 16850 Yonge St, Newmarket, ON L3Y 0A3, Canada.

Guacamole Mexican Bistro

Guacamole Mexican Bistro is well known for its great service and friendly and attentive staff. The fine décor, homey atmosphere, and warm ambiance provide a relaxing setting for those who choose to indulge in the amazing authentic Mexican cuisine.

It’s made from fresh ingredients and served in large portions. Sharing tasty churros with your friends is an option when perfectly cooked guacamole, fish tacos, and chicken aren’t for you. Their delicious liqueur is among the most popular drinks at Guacamole and with reasonable prices, this traditional Mexican restaurant comes highly recommended.

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10. Chez Talal

  • Restaurant Price Review: $
  • Contact: +1 (905) 235-8383
  • Address: 103 Davis Dr, Newmarket, ON L3Y 2M9, Canada.

Chez Talal

If you haven’t explored the world of Jewish and Lebanese cuisine, Chez Talal is the perfect place to start. Traditional Mediterranean cooking is showcased in an upbeat counter-service setting with a patio.

Whether it’s a chicken pita, chicken shawarma, hummus, or baklava, the cooks prepare it all perfectly. For clients who enjoy supper in a hurry, takeaway food is a good option. Great service here is something that guests appreciate. You can enjoy tasty meals and quality vegan options offered at reasonable prices. It’s an unusual mix of cuisine that will have your tastebuds tingling from the first bite.

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11. Bangkok Thai Cuisine

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: +1 (905) 895-7211
  • Address: 16775 Yonge St Unit 8, Newmarket, ON L3Y 8J4, Canada.

Bangkok Thai Cuisine

The management team and chefs are Thai and take pride in presenting you with authentic Thai food from the “Land of Smiles”. All dishes are freshly prepared individually to top-tier standards. Guests recommend the chicken pad Thai, mango salads, and Thai chicken that include a combination of these sweet, sour, salty, and hot flavors.

Delicious beer will make your meal even tastier, especially when served to you by the staff who are hard-working and friendly. Terrific service is their strong point and rounds off a great meal. This shopping-plaza eatery has beautiful décor, great service, and food at a reasonable price.

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12. Crow’s Nest

  • Restaurant Price Review: $$
  • Contact: +1 (905) 953-8776
  • Address: 115 Prospect St, Newmarket, ON L3Y 3T3, Canada.

Crow’s Nest

Crow’s Nest is a fantastic and comfortable alehouse that offers draught beer and an extensive list of scotches, whiskies as well as pub grub. This British pub has kept its authenticity since it first opened its doors in 1999, making it one of the longest continually open pubs in Newmarket.

They offer a wide selection of traditional ‘pub grub’ and specialties from all over the world. Their selection of wines from Canada, the USA, and Australia are worth bragging about, along with their single malts, scotches, and whiskies. The British cuisine is delicious and is generously portioned.

Prices are affordable and the décor is spectacular. You’ll become a regular without even realizing it.

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It’s easy to see why these restaurants are among the 12 best restaurants in Newmarket Ontario. Each venue has a unique ambiance coupled with great staff and awesome service. There are many similarities between these restaurants, yet their unique menus and trendy vibes ensure that customers continue to come back

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