11 Best Restaurants in Amherst, NS [2022 Updated]

Whether you’re a longtime resident of Ontario or if you are visiting the area for the first time, finding the best restaurants in Amherst, ON, Canada, can help you make the most out of any excursion you have planned. Our list of the best restaurants in Amherst, Ontario includes a variety of cuisines and offerings, providing something for everyone.

D&E’s Smoked Meat Kitchen and Catering

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D&E's Smoked Meat Kitchen and Catering

D&E’s Smoked Meat Kitchen and Catering is one of the highest-rated eateries in the Amherst, Ontario area. From classic brisket to completely homemade meals, ribs, beef dogs, and prime rib, there is no shortage of options for the meat lover in your family.

If you have a hankering for slow-smoked meat that is mouthwatering and leaves you begging for more, this is one that cannot be missed. You will leave here with a brand new experience for your taste buds. To top it off, D&E’s also offers garden fresh vegetables and side dishes that are sure to rock your world when combined with the mouthwatering meat that is their staple.


Duncan’s Pub

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Duncan's Pub

Although Duncan’s Pub is, in fact, a classic pub style, it also serves food that is notorious for being delicious, giving Duncan’s Pub the high praise it deserves. Duncan’s Pub offers Canadian cuisine and classic bar-style foods, including fish and chips, burgers, and plenty of beers on tap year-round.

In addition to traditional Canadian cuisine, Duncan’s Pub is also known for offering plenty of delicious and fresh seafood dishes, giving tourists and citizens variety anytime. If you are vegetarian, there are also many options on the menu for you, ensuring you can stick to your lifestyle without feeling hungry!


Portlander Jamaican Restaurant

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Portlander Jamaican Restaurant

If you’re itching for a new cuisine that is unfamiliar or unique, check out Portlander Jamaican Restaurant, Amherst’s favorite Jamaican cuisine spot hands down. From classic stir-fry dishes such as shrimp and chicken or even curry coconut shrimp to jerk chicken wraps and pork and beef sausage meals, there is no shortage of new and intriguing dishes to choose from at Portlander Jamaican Restaurant.

If you’re in the mood for greens, Portlander Jamaican Restaurant delivers, with various salads that include traditional vegetables, jerk meats, and even a jerk tofu option for the vegan and vegetarian diner.

Portlander Jamaican Restaurant is one of the best venues to check out whether you are a tourist in Amherst or if you are a resident looking to expand your options. Exploring the menu at the Portlander Jamaican Restaurant just might inspire you to try something new or something you have never heard of within your preferred cuisines.


Breakfast at Brittney’s

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Breakfast at Brittney's

For the breakfast lover, this is one you simply can’t afford to miss. Breakfast at Brittney’s is one of the most well-known and top-rated restaurants and locations for both residents and tourists in the Amherst, Ontario, Canada region.

From classic buttermilk pancakes and fresh fruit waffles to an array of delicious and decadent crepes, there is no shortage of breakfast options at this joint. At Breakfast at Brittney’s, you can enjoy a giant omelet, a massive breakfast of country fried steak, or even come back for a refreshing salad and sandwich for lunch. If you’re in the Amherst, Ontario area, you shouldn’t miss this one.


Gourmet Dumplings

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Gourmet Dumplings

If you’re looking for somewhere to go to enjoy delicious Asian cuisine including dumplings and spring rolls, you do not have to look any further than Gourmet Dumplings. Gourmet Dumplings is a simple and straightforward restaurant that does not include a massive extensive menu, but instead, plenty of favorite classics that are sure to please just about everyone.

Some of the most well-known dishes to come from Gourmet Dumplings include the pork and cabbage dumplings, the deep-fried shrimp wonton, and even the won ton soup. For the vegetarian, don’t fret.

Gourmet Dumplings also has options for those watching what they eat or even for vegetarians themselves, including vegetable dumplings, vegetable spring rolls, and even vegetable fried rice.


Amherst Shore Country Inn

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Amherst Shore Country Inn

If you’re looking for a fancy, high-class dining spot that is sure to impress, you do not need to go anywhere other than Amherst Shore Country Inn. The Amherst Shore Country Inn is one of the most beloved, charming dining establishments in all Amherst and the Nova Scotia region. Not only does this location provide stunning seaside views, but they also provide accommodation for those in need.

The Amherst Shore Country Inn crafts delectable dishes from stuffed lobster to Maple brined pork tenderloins for a true taste of class and luxury. Enjoy smoked salmon, freshly baked bread, and a cozy cottage environment each and every time you stop in. The Amherst Shore Country Inn is also vegetarian-friendly.

If you are planning a trip to the Amherst Shore Country Inn, it is advisable to call the location ahead of time for reservations and to inquire about abbot seating/accommodation availability.

Because the Amherst Shore Country Inn is widely popular and offers some of the most stunning views that Amherst has to offer, there is not always guaranteed seating or accommodation without a reservation placed ahead of time.


Savoie Kitchen

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Savoie Kitchen

Savoie Kitchen is a great find for those who love varied and classic dishes, including everything from tomato basil soup to handcrafted burgers and custom pizzas. At Savoie Kitchen, there are also plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian options, making this one of the most diet-friendly locations available for a widespread menu in the Amherst area.

If you’re looking for a spot that is delicious, homemade, and familiar, stop in at Savoie Kitchen for a quick bite to eat that won’t bust your wallet.


Woo’s Kitchen

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Woo's Kitchen

If you are in the mood for Chinese cuisine in Amherst, don’t miss an opportunity to check out Woo’s Kitchen, a leading Chinese restaurant in the area. Woo’s Kitchen offers classic Chinese dishes, including plenty of pork, chicken, and fried rice.

However, what helps Woo’s Kitchen stand out from the rest is its extended menu offerings that also include various dishes such as meatballs, pasta, fish and chips, and even burgers. In the mood for sushi? Woo’s Kitchen can also accommodate. For a wide range of dishes and cuisines centered around Chinese cuisine, stop in at Woo’s Kitchen.


Szeto’s Wok

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Szeto's Wok

Szeto’s Wok is one establishment in the Amherst area that delivers outstanding Asian and Chinese cuisine that is often unforgettable for diners who try it. From classic eggrolls and chow Mein dishes to fried rice, pork, and General Tso’s chicken, there is no shortage of menu options at Szeto’s Wok.

If you’re craving authentic Chinese and Asian cuisine, add this one to your list. For those who are looking for a local Amherst restaurant that also offers accessible dining, Szeto’s Wok is not optimal. Unfortunately, while this is one of the highest-rated restaurants and Asian cuisine spots in Amherst, it does not offer extensive seating available for patrons who wish to dine in.


Smile Sushi

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Smile Sushi

For a truly unique spot to visit in Amherst, check out Smile Sushi. Smile Sushi is not just your typical sushi joint, as it offers a wide range of Asian sushi as well as Korean cuisine options. From traditional shrimp tempura and vegetables to unique one-of-a-kind sushi rolls, there is no shortage of Asian and Korean cuisine options on this menu.

Smile Sushi offers guests the ability to build their own sushi rolls with handpicked ingredients, while also offering “mini buffet” options for families and large groups. If you have a craving for a king crab roll or if you are looking to explore Korean dishes such as bulgogi, kimchi fried rice, and bibimbap, Smile Sushi delivers on all fronts.


Bambino’s Pizzeria

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Bambino's Pizzeria

For tourists and residents alike who have a love for classic pizza, you must try Bambino’s Pizzeria in Amherst at least once. Not only does Bambino’s Pizzeria offer a plethora of pizza options and unique specialty pizzas, but there are plenty of other options available on the ever-expanding menu.

From classic garlic fingers and onion rings to Donair pontine, you can’t go wrong by checking out Bambino’s Pizzeria, especially if you are in the mood for classic Italian and Canadian cuisine.

In addition to classic Italian dishes and unique pontine selections, there are also fresh salads, giant burgers, sandwiches (hot and cold), subs, chicken sandwiches, and even seafood dinners including clams, scallops, and fish and chips.



Whether you’re in the mood for a cozy and welcoming atmosphere or if you prefer a variety when it comes to your preferred establishment’s menus, Bambino’s Pizzeria is one that can’t be missed, especially if you are a resident in the Amherst area.

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