10 Best Restaurants in Amos, QC, [2022 Updated]

The colorful town of Amos in Quebec, Canada, was founded in 1914. During the 1920s, it became the most prominent community in the Abitibi region. The town’s importance was due to its rich agricultural areas found along the primary waterway, the Rivière Harricana. Throughout the years since then, this rich farming region has produced delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. This superior-quality produce continues to supply its many diverse restaurants with nutritious, vitalizing ingredients.

Ten Best Diversified Restaurants in Amos, QC, Canada Today

The ten best restaurants offering diversified menus and excellent cuisine in Amos, QC, Canada include the following:

Bistro Mediterraneo

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Bistro Mediterraneo

This friendly, relaxing storefront bistro serves Lebanese, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern food. Exotic dishes of marinated and roasted chicken or beef seasoned with the chef‘s own tzatziki sauce intrigue diners daily. They are even further enhanced with fresh vegetables and marinades.

The crisp fresh salads, steaming soups, flavorful hummus, and delicious falafels keep enthusiastic customers returning often. Be sure to save part of your appetite for dessert so that you can enjoy a generous serving of baklava or another house specialty.

The authentic ambiance of this bistro’s interior creates an attractive setting to enjoy outstanding food. It also encourages lively conversation with friends, family, and strangers alike. You can enjoy every bite of your meal while getting acquainted with the patrons at the next table. No meal is ever left half-eaten in this superb bistro.


L’Amalgame Pub Urbain

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As a delightful contemporary bar, L’Amalgame Pub Urbain provides a warm, welcoming setting for combining food and pleasure. All of the items on the menu contain fresh ingredients. Just seeing these dishes gives you a taste of their delicious flavors.

This pub serves myriad different brands and varieties of beer. For your enjoyment, there is a room offering a bird’s eye panoramic view of Amos. Through its wide windows, you can overlook the scene and activity below as you sip your relaxing beverage.

A menu favorite at this attractive pub is Fish of the Day with thin fries, a salad, and your choice of salsa or coriander, sesame, and jalapeno mayo. You will feel equally at home in this casual, welcoming bar if you go alone or with friends or family members.

This pub frequently hosts informal celebrations for coworkers, sports buddies, or family groups due to its warm, engaging atmosphere and scenic view of Amos.


Rotisserie Beau Coq

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Rotisserie Beau Coq

This inviting restaurant serves flavorful pizza, barbecue, and varied selections of Canadian-style foods. Two popular specialties are Fondue Parmesan and Bouchees Fromage, Brocoli et Bacon. These entrees are prepared to perfection and served by the warm, friendly service team.

This restaurant is known for hiring women at all levels of employment, from food prepping, cooking, and serving to management positions. It is known throughout the Amos area that the warm smiles, diligent work, and true dedication of these females make this restaurant a unique spot among Amos eateries.

You will find that the variety of recipes prepared with roasted chicken, ribs, and pasta are savory and completely satisfying. The charming French country style and menu of this highly appealing restaurant offer fashion and quality to the Amos culinary scene.


Habaneros Grill Mexicain – Amos

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The designers of this restaurant are sports competitors with a passion for healthy eating. After many years of sports training and competition, they realized the lack of quality and nutrition that fast foods offer. Athletes on the road and busy office employees can both suffer from eating unhealthy meals and snacks.

At Habaneros Grill Méxicain, a general passion for cooking, a competitive spirit, and the desire for excellence create innovation. The staff’s mission and goal are to use fresh, locally grown natural ingredients and rich flavorings to produce optimal-quality fast food. These specialized menus are served in a restaurant interior displaying original modern design and decor. Naturally-raised meats and organic vegetable proteins are served, and all foods are free of GMOs or preservatives.

The restaurant staff members strive to produce the ultimate-quality menus while reducing their eco-footprint. A popular menu item is Burritos with beans or vegetables, a protein of your choice, and salsas or garnishes.


Restaurant Viet-Nam

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Restaurant Viet-Nam

This enchanting restaurant serves Vietnamese and Asian cuisine. Many customers report that dining in its warm, calm atmosphere is like being a dinner guest in your own home. The cozy, friendly ambiance complements the true excellence of the menu.

Phở or pho, a Vietnamese soup, contains rich broth, rice noodles, meat, and herbs. In Vietnam, it is a popular meal that is often served in homes. Pho is also available in stalls along the streets and in restaurants across the country. Pho is referred to today as the national dish of Vietnam.

Meals are often served family-style in Vietnamese restaurants. Platters of delicious, savory, and sweet foods are served to each table and shared by all. Some restaurants also have communal seating, and everyone sits at long tables that accommodate one and all. At Restaurant Viet-Nam, you can order family style or individual service.


Joccivano Resto-Bar

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This warm, welcoming restaurant features Greek and Italian cuisine. It is known as a steakhouse and barbecue eatery. This is virtually the only restaurant in the Amos area where you can order Greek and Italian dishes simultaneously. In addition, you can enjoy a fabulous meal in a friendly, outstanding dining atmosphere.

The house specials include a Butterfly Shrimp Skewer that is amazingly tender and juicy. This beautifully grilled skewer featuring plump, flavorful shrimp, vegetables, and fruit garnishes, is an entire meal unto itself.

This charming restaurant is the ideal setting to celebrate a special occasion with family or friends. It is also the perfect place to sit quietly by yourself and enjoy a delicious Souvlaki plate. A generous variety of wines, beers, sodas, and fruit drinks are also available here.


Mia Pasta Amos

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This attractive, busy restaurant offers eight types of pasta plus 11 flavorful sauces. There are 14 different vegetables and 11 meat or protein options on the menu. In addition, there are countless combinations of ingredients for producing your own special dish.

You can enjoy your choice of Asian stir-fry or pizza, or perhaps you want to choose from farfalle, penne, and linguini. Of course, you can also select your favorite sauce, such as Alfredo, rosse, or bolognese.

This appealing eatery also serves fabulous pasta bowls and a Pad Thai lunch menu. This popular restaurant is often crowded during lunch service. Yet, since there are so many choices on the menu, the chef never runs out of key ingredients.


Buffet Suco

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Buffet Suco

This calm, attractive restaurant offers a large menu featuring Chinese, Asian, and Canadian selections. Specialties of the house include Soupe Won Ton, Boules de Poulet, and Côte Levee. The menu includes a marvelous Chinese buffet, and favorite dishes are made from roast beef, roast pork, and fish.

Whether you are in the mood for traditional Chinese, Asian or standard Canadian food, you will never be disappointed. Buffet Suco serves fine-quality meals consistently. If you like, you can order a la carte, sampling different international recipes.

Many people declare that a trip to Amos is never complete unless you enjoy a meal at this fine restaurant. The menu has been called “the best Chinese food in Abitibi.” You truly owe it to yourself to enjoy a meal here.


Resto Bar Le Chat-O

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Resto Bar Le Chat-O

This stylish contemporary restaurant will give you a unique view of the city via its large digital wall screens. You can enjoy your favorite beer or wine while watching exciting current sports events.

Le Chat-O serves a varied menu of burger and fries platters as well as delicious pasta and fish dishes. The famous Quebec specialty of Poutine is made of French fries and cheese curds with brown gravy on top. Poutine is always on the menu for you to enjoy.

Poutine was once not taken seriously. However, its steady rise in popularity spread throughout Canada after the 1950s. This recipe is now also common in the northern U.S. and in locations around the globe.


Rôtisserie St-Hubert

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Rôtisserie St-Hubert

This friendly restaurant specializes in chicken BBQ. The irresistible chicken kebab is made with tender chicken breast pieces. They are well-seasoned, grilled, and covered with classic kebab sauce.

Served with grain rice and grilled vegetables, this delicious meal features a side of St-Hubert BBQ sauce. If you prefer, you can order the Piri-Piri chicken skewer with zesty Piri-Piri sauce.

Since 1951, Les Rotisseries St-Hubert has been creating and serving innovative chicken BBQ specialties. This restaurant is now widely known for its unique recipes and outstanding flavorful sauces.



The ten best restaurants in Amos, QC, Canada, are quite interesting, inviting and diverse. They feature a wide variety of Canadian and international cuisines. One of the most fascinating and memorable things to do when visiting Amos is to dine at different restaurants. By sampling the wide array of menus, you will realize the appreciation that Canadians share for recipes from around the world.

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