10 Best Restaurants in Banff, AB [2022 Updated]

Banff town is famously known for its vibrance in Alberta, for its natural and enticing environs. The town is located in a peaceful landscape of a lofty rocky mountainous place along the highway heading for Trans-Canada with Lake Louise just nearby.

Even so, there is more to the town than just the hilly landscape. Most people are intrigued by the diversity of the variety of meals at the restaurant. Well, let us check what is more in these famous restaurants that we have not discussed yet.

Alberta has many restaurants, while there are some which are the best and yet still found there, anyone visiting usually has to be awed by the serenity of its environment. You will want nothing but the opportunity to explore further. Sincerely, the natural beauty is mirrored through the natural landscape full of mountains in a warm summer.

Even though the restaurants are spread across the town unevenly, you will not find it hard to hustle for a good and befitting place where you can dine with your family and friends. It is also a nice place for a quick stopover when passing along the road while going elsewhere.

There are different types of restaurants including, Asians, Canadians, and Indians serving indigenous foods upon request. All the same, it can be quite a challenge sometimes locating these restaurants, especially if you are new. Therefore, we have put together this list of some of the best restaurants for you to have multiple options to explore;

The Bison

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The Bison is one of my favorite restaurants in Banff that offers an ambient atmosphere and delicious foods. They offer seasonal menus of its top-quality fresh farm products for table foods. Having won multiple recognition awards in the region for its exemplary service, it has continued to describe itself as a favorite spot for most local and international tourists.

The Bison stands out as one of the favorites for most people visiting THE TOWN. It offers an ambient atmosphere while serving people some of the best foods in Canada. They also offer seasonal menus of high-quality fresh farm produce for quick table foods.

They have won multiple awards of recognition in the region, hence showing its exemplary service, as it has continued to describe itself as a favorite spot for most local and internal tourism. They have a diverse menu compared to most restaurants in Banff, that offer several varieties for all its visitors, including elk poutine and steelhead trout.


EDEN Restaurant

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Enjoy a heavenly time dining at this incredible restaurant. It serves its customers some amazing cuisines in the region with its four-star levels in the western of Canada. Also, it provides some mouth-watering dishes, leaving a lasting experience for its clients.

Its menu is made up of multiple-tasting foods for up to ten meals. They also have curated a special menu for customer tasting right in front of the chef. If you are searching for a place to give your partner a surprise, Eden restaurant is where your dream experience is.


Magpie and Stump

$$ | 403-762-4067 | Website

Have you ever had experience with Mexican dishes? If not, then you are missing out on some of the best meals in the world. Magpie and Stump serve it best. In fact, this Mexican menu appears to be special because of how it is prepared and served to customers while fresh and warm.

Its rustic interior offers a Mexican cantina ambiance once you enter the restaurant. For a fresh feeling, try to request an empathetic burrito served together with its Cerveza and dive into the total happiness of eating the snowshoe meal.

Furthermore, their recently launched rooftop for summertime experience is something to admire. They call it the El Patio, a place where you can find a variety of Mexican delicacies, including tacos or margaritas. Make sure to visit Magpie and Stump in the summertime and burst into the morning sunlight of Banff.


Farm and Fire

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It is fanciful to have dinner, credit to its interior décor and the bar that runs around the clock. Located at the Elk near the avenue hotel, the restaurant is in a perfect position to accommodate anyone passing or staying nearby.

For these reasons, it has received a lot of praise and is pinned as an ideal location for most people. Credited for its appealing interior and service in the liquor bar. The farm and fire restaurant are inconvenient places for all to access.


Park Distillery

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You should never miss seeing the Park Distillery restaurant standing in its prime location in Banff. Very often, you will see families and friends checking in for dinner or just experience a hearty meal for a memorable time in town.

The place has consistently announced itself as a champion for uplifting one’s spirits through top-quality hotelier service and a variety of great drinks, such as vodka and gin.

You won’t fail to notice the amazing interior designed to resemble a mountainous landscape and its huge entrances opening the place to a fresh mountain atmosphere, especially around summertime. As for foods, Park Distillery has several options, including desserts and short ribs. You will also get served with sweet cocktails on request.


Saffron Bistro

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Saffron Bistro

If you are looking to have the best Indian food in Banff, Saffron Bistro offers it all. You need to lay your eyes on the beauty that beholds this restaurant. As you pass through Wolf will, you will see an enticing view of it and even taste its delicacies, if you won’t mind quenching your curiosity. The menu includes fresh vegetarian foods. It is certainly a comfortable place to dine with your family.

You can ask for lunch or dinner while exploring the amazing offers served to your preferences. They have great one-time deals for the lucky ones. You might just get yours at only $15.99 to enjoy a mouth-watering meal.


Hello Sunshine

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Hello Sunshine, what a perfect name to invite you on summer vacation or a simple outing with your partner. As reflected by its name, you can’t afford to hate the place, it’s new and refreshing. Shares a delicate and refreshing vibe by incorporating a karaoke kind of feel into its customers.

Well, it is an attractive and cool joint with a sashimi bar and a modern-day food restaurant. If you need to treat your fiancé to a special liquor and meal in Banff, try out its tiny bar.

You will leave with a telling experience, but you will need to reserve your spot in advance. Here, you will be served 8-course meals and can even go further to programmed happy hour drinking specials that are daily from 9 to 11 pm.


High Rollers

$$ | 403-762-2695 | Website

The place serves very delicious pizzas in Banff. It is known mostly for its unique setups, fair prices, and the taste of its pizzas. You can visit the place with friends, family or alone to have a hot piece, especially under unfavorable rainy weather in Banff.

Inside, you will feel the special warmth and aroma of prepared beef pizzas. They have different types; you would just have to name your favorite and they have it prepared.

You can gather together with your companions for a special time there with friends and family during a cool evening for a chat. However, kids are only allowed for a limited number of hours. When dawn kicks in, they turn the place into a pulsating bar.


Ramen Arashi

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Ramen Arashi

When searching for a cheaper but comfortable place, always go to Ramen Arashi. It is a favorite for most people with a low budget who want to have a good time with their partners. You would enjoy eating ramen on a shivering day. Also, their fine Japanese menus are something to admire. It is quite a mix of culture and modern touches.

You will find the restaurant at the Sundance mall, just on the second floor. It is an incredible place and perfect for dining in groups. They offer delicious ramen while topping it up with normal bases but perfect combos. Once you visit the place, Japanese foods might just become your regular thing.


The Grizzly House

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The Grizzly House

The restaurant looks exactly as the name suggests, grizzly. It is somehow peculiar. However, let the name not deceive you one bit, because the food of this restaurant is really delicious. They serve you with tasty fondue. You can pass by or book your dinner for two at any time.

You will get pairs of fondue experiences as they serve it with meat courses and other meat varieties. In fact, they prepare your meal on your table to smell its aroma and see the whole cooking experience of serving it hot and crunchy.


In Conclusion

The above restaurants are among the many which exist in Banff. For a real experience, visit Banff and have some fun moving from one place to another. Good luck finding your favorite restaurant.

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