12 Best Restaurants in Beamsville, ON [2022 Updated]

In case you’re swinging by Ontario, whether for a quick stop or a longer stay, you’d definitely want to explore the exciting food scene in the area. One of the localities you can visit is Beamsville, where there are more than enough options for you to choose from, no matter your preference.

Here we have the X best restaurants in Beamsville, ON, in no particular ranking. Check them out and get ready for a feast!

The Restaurant at Vineland Estates Winery

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The Restaurant at Vineland Estates Winery offers a rich selection of Canadian dishes, including vegetarian-friendly and vegan options. Renowned to be one of the foremost restaurants in the local Niagara culinary scene, The Restaurant welcomes guests into its 1845 farmhouse, renovated for a bit of modern touch.

Outdoor seating is available too, for those who would like to dine with a view of the rolling vineyards and Lake Ontario up ahead.


The Good Earth Food and Wine Co.

$$-$$$ | 905-563-6333 | Website

When they decided to put “Good” in the name of their restaurant, they knew what they were doing. The Good Earth Food and Wine Co. is known to be one of the well-loved restaurants in Beamsville, ON, thanks not only to their menu of Canadian/fusion meals but also to their excellent service. The rustic setting of the countryside adds to the ambiance, which would go very well with your food and wine pairing.

You can start your visit with a wine tasting, after which, you can sign up for their wine club if you’re into collecting these exquisite bottles. They also offer cooking classes, so you too can enjoy hearty meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients, right in the comforts of your own home.

That, or you can just make a reservation for your table, so you can enjoy their meals straight out of the kitchen, freshly made and well prepared.


Inn On The Twenty

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The On the Twenty restaurant actually came first before the Inn. Their mission: to create a uniquely Niagara dining experience “leaving the guests wanting more.” The views are just as crucial an element in the overall dining experience, which is exactly what you’ll get within the property’s lush gardens.

Their menu primarily offers local Canadian cuisine, but you may also request vegetarian-friendly and vegan options. Make sure to try their Cave Spring wines while you’re there!


Butcher and Banker Pub

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If you’re looking for something more casual without missing out on a quality dining experience, then head over to the Butcher and Banker Pub. Word on the street is that they’ve got one of the best Rib Nights in town, on top of all the other great steaks they have on offer on their menu. If you’re on your way to the wineries, do drop by first and preface your trip with a nice outdoor meal.

Their menu is robust, packed with a rich variety of British pub fare, including steaming hot pies: steak & Guinness, shepherds, and chicken pot. Also big on their list are their sandwiches and burgers, sure to go well with their selection of wines and tap.


Beamsville Fish and Chips

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Beamsville Fish and Chips

Beamsville Fish and Chips do not disappoint with their serving portions, so if it’s a hearty meal you want, it’s a hearty meal you’ll get. Enjoy their wide selections of dishes from their menus for Dine-In, Take Out, and Specials.

There’s a little something for everyone, so gather your friends and family ‘round for a wholesome get-together. Don’t miss out on their fish, lightly battered in their original, secret recipe. You may also opt for chicken, shrimps, scallops, and more.


The Restaurant at Peninsula Ridge

$$$$ | 905-563-0900 | Website

Don’t be intimidated by the sophisticated atmosphere of the property. The Restaurant at Peninsula Ridge actually offers a fun and casual dining experience. Local food and wine pairing is such a huge thing in this region, so of course, they would also have this up to their sleeves too.

Their brunch menu is particularly quaint, perfect for that laidback and relaxed midday meal while you sit outside and dine on the patio to take your fill of the Niagara Escarpment, Lake Ontario, and the picturesque vineyards. Their lunch and dinner menus are noteworthy too, with classic selections like Italian pastas, steaks, and fish.


The Dining Room at Ridgepoint

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Feel like having an Italian night? Head over to The Dining Room at Ridgepoint and feast on a rich selection of Italian pasta, pizza, and coffee. Their food, proudly inspired by their Italian heritage, is prepared with the freshest local ingredients, reflective of the current season.

They also make food made-to-order, so you’ll definitely be getting yours hot off the stove and as cool and fresh as it can get.


Conversations Cafe

$$$ | 289-566-9365 | Website

Conversations Cafe

Who doesn’t like All-Day Breakfasts? If you’re a fan of waffles and pancakes at any time of the day, then Conversations Cafe is the place for you. Have a cup or two of their authentic European-style coffee and espresso.

They even have an ice cream parlor for you to satisfy your sweet tooth, and if you’d like a smooth finish to your hearty meal. It’s the perfect place for good food, good conversations, and a great community.


Your Neighbourhood Pizza Company

$$-$$$ | 905-563-8777 | Website

It’s friendly and definitely Canadian! Your Neighborhood Pizza Company offers more than just pizza. They also offer burgers so big and juicy, you need two full hands to handle them. No wonder they call it the Two-Handed Burgers.

Take a big bite out of that, and get some wings too while you’re at it. You can hang out at their pub, or call in or place your delivery online if you’d rather stay in. Either way, you’re getting the same great quality and service.


August Restaurant

$$-$$$ | 905-563-0200 | Website

August Restaurant

Enjoy a nice, intimate lunch or dinner at August Restaurant, where they bring their appreciation for everything that the Niagara region has to offer straight to their plates. With almost 15 years under their belt, they’ve perfected their menus to showcase the best local produce every season.

That’s why there’s always something to come back to–every time can feel like the first time. Expect nothing short of delicious from their food, and nothing less than warm and gracious from the staff.

If you’d love to come back but can’t stay, then go ahead and take a look at their Take N’ Bake menu. Their servings are good for sharing, so you can enjoy the real August Restaurant goodness right in the comforts of your own home.


Crabby Joe’s Tap & Grill

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Can’t get enough of them good lobsters? Then head on over to Crabby Joe’s where you can have your fill. Whether it’s steak and lobster, pasta and lobster, or salad bowl and lobster, there’s only one-star ingredient you can’t go without.

We doubt you need any more clues to figure that out. If you’re looking for something even more fun and casual, then they’ve also got the usuals, like buffalo wings, fries, skillet meals, flatbreads, and more.


China Dynasty Restaurant

$$-$$$ | 905-563-1668 | Website

China Dynasty Restaurant

While Beamsville takes a lot of pride in their local produce showcasing the rich Niagara regions, they also do enjoy good international cuisine. If you’re in the mood for some Chinese or Asian food, then China Dynasty it is!

Their menu is packed with plenty of choices, from vegetables to seafood, chicken to beef, and of course, soups, rice, and noodles. Don’t forget to get some fresh, crunchy rolls to go!



Whether looking to spend some quality time with your significant other, family and friends or even by yourself, you can’t get it wrong with these choices of the best restaurants in Beamsville, ON.

Put on your curiosity hat and explore what else the region has to offer. With this list, you can rest assured that Beamsville is one of the must-visit places in Ontario for authentic, regional gustatory delights!

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