13 Best Restaurants in Beloeil, QC [2022 Updated]

Beloeil, an off-Island neighborhood located in southern Quebec, is recognized for its picturesque riverfront scenery. This delightful town boasts lovely eateries that cater to practically any culinary preference or budget. This article will showcase the 13 best restaurants in Beloeil, QC, to ensure that your dining experience is unforgettable.

Au Trait D’Union

$$ | 450-446-5740 | WEBSITE

Au Trait D'Union

The Au Trait D’Union is a lovely restaurant that always serves local freshness. The two internationally renowned chefs offer homemade charcuterie and lovingly prepared brioche bread and mustards.

At affordable prices, you can savor North American bistro-style cuisine that has been completely redesigned with seasonal flavors and local ingredients. At Au Trait, you can expect to be greeted warmly and served with a smile.

It’s lovely here, and it tastes great for lunch and dinner! You can dine at this restaurant with family and friends. Make certain to sample the oysters and veal.



$$ | 450-813-7213 | WEBSITE


This restaurant, located in Old Beloeil, Quebec, seats approximately 25 patrons. Except during the summer, reservations are required for both lunch and dinner.

Daily changes are made to the menu, which is displayed on a wall slate. The menu is a table d’hote selection of delectable dishes.

You can order braised lamb or blood pudding from them. All of these meals are scrumptious and are presented attractively by friendly and knowledgeable staff.

The restaurant is housed in a restored vintage home that exudes an abundance of atmosphere. This is one location you should return to.


Capitaine Pouf

$$ | 450-536-1872 | WEBSITE

If you’re a fan of fish and chips, the Capitaine Pouf is perfect for you. This illustrious restaurant serves delectable fish and chips, seafood, pan-fried fish, and grilled meats. You receive good food at a fair price while enjoying a stunning view of the mountains and water.

Throughout the summer, on weather-friendly Fridays and Saturdays, musicians will perform on the patio during meal times and into the evening. You get to accompany your dinner with a fine glass of wine!

When you’re in the mood for adventure, head to Capitaine Pouf in Beloeil.


La Chocolaterie du Vieux-Beloeil

$$ | 450-464-0898| WEBSITE

La Chocolaterie du Vieux-Beloeil

La Chocolaterie du Vieux-Beloeil is a lovely restaurant located in the heart of old Beloeil, directly across from the magnificent church that towers over the Richelieu River.

This diner offers unmatched value in goodies that are the envy of true chocolate and homemade caramel enthusiasts. There is a large selection of chocolate, pastry, and desserts. Additionally, they brew delicious and fresh coffee to round out the experience.

The restaurant has a vibrant atmosphere that is both relaxing and enjoyable to read. Pour yourself a café au lait and pair it with some toast and their house-made caramel. Yum!!


Le Coureur des Bois

$$$$ | 514-886-5629 | WEBSITE

If you’re looking for fine cuisine, exceptional service, and an extensive wine list, look no further than this charming restaurant.

The upscale Le Coureur des Bois exudes sophistication. You’re treated to a culinary wonderland. Whenever you visit this establishment, you should get the Table d’hote (duck, lamb, mille feuilles).

The restaurant’s calm atmosphere is conducive to private dialogue with the tables being nicely spaced apart. The service is provided with the highest professionalism. Above all, the chef’s artistic design and ability are evident in the style and placement of the plates on the tables.


Le Cracheur de Feu

$$ | 438-863-3808 | WEBSITE


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This is a lovely restaurant with a festive atmosphere that seats more than 120 guests. It even features a three-level terrace with views of the Richelieu River.

The meats are grilled and smoked over an open flame and various species of charcoal. This cooking technique brings out the flavors of the menu’s primary ingredients. As an appetizer, start with the Teriyaki pork chops before moving on to the Jamaican “jerk” chicken.

Very soon, the restaurant will offer customers the opportunity to ride on a boat equipped with a smokehouse and a charcoal grill. Talk about a one-of-a-kind dining experience!


Le Mista

$$ | 450-464-5667 | WEBSITE

Le Mista

Do you crave a delectable Italian lunch alone or with family/friends on a pleasant evening?

Le Mista should be your first port of call. This Italian cafe serves exquisite meals in a charming outside and indoor dining area. Notably, you pay a decent price for the food’s quality. Mista features live music on select evenings and provides an idyllic outdoor environment for a romantic night under the stars.

The surrounding neighborhood is lovely, and a stroll along the river promenade before or after your dinner is refreshing. This restaurant is a definite must-try!


Qu’Est-ce Qu’on Mange

$ | 450-467-7297 | WEBSITE

Qu'Est-ce Qu'on Mange

If you’re looking for a gorgeous setting in which to enjoy high-quality meals at a reasonable price in Beloeil, Qu’Est-ce Qu’on Mange ticks all the right boxes. Located in a pleasant setting, this charming eatery serves home-cooked dishes. You will receive high-quality goods that are free of preservatives at a reasonable price in exchange for a small donation.

All of the meals served here are prepared on-site, and you will always be greeted with a smile. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all available here.


Restaurant Bleu Moutarde

$$$$ | 450-464-8839 | WEBSITE

Restaurant Bleu Moutarde

The restaurant Bleu Moutarde was born out of a desire to provide an unforgettable culinary experience. It welcomes guests in a bistro-chic and relaxed atmosphere.

In this enchanting spot in Vieux-Beloeil, you can savor the great classics of French food culture. A breath-taking view of Mont-Saint-Hilaire and a terrace overlooking the Richelieu River will enhance your dining experience. Bleu Moutarde offers a selection of over 700 bottles of wine.

The marinated AAA flank steak with shallot sauce and homemade fries is a must-try. This is meat that has been prepared to perfection for your taste buds.


Restaurant Et Caetera

$$ | 450-281-2211 | WEBSITE

Restaurant Et Caetera

This restaurant adheres to the highest refinement and service standards. Et Caetera’s cuisine is influenced by several different cultures: Latin, Greek, Middle Eastern, and Arabic.

The meals here are prepared with fresh and nutritious ingredients and include a diverse menu from which you can create your meal while taking advantage of the restaurant’s bring your wine policy.

The dining room is spacious and bright, with a lovely terrace overlooking Beloeil’s Saint-Mathieu church’s bell tower. Whether dining with friends, a couple, or a group, Et Caetera is a must-visit for delectable cuisine in a memorable historical setting.


Restaurant Sawadee

$$ | 450-467-1653 | WEBSITE

Restaurant Sawadee

This lovely diner is well-known in Beloeil for serving the best Thai, Vietnamese, and other Asian cuisines. Restaurant Sawadee invites you to relax in their dining room and enjoy these Asian delicacies in a casual setting.

You may even bring your bottle of wine to enjoy with your meal. The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming, and the service is excellent. The portions are quite generous, and the food is quite tasty and authentic.

The restaurant provides parking, has a take-out menu, and is open late Tuesday through Sunday.


Resto Janick cuisine du marché

$$ | 450-7141-066| WEBSITE

Since 2006, Resto Janick cuisine du marché has always served stylish, pleasant, and savory meals in an enchanting setting overlooking the Richelieu and Mont Saint-Hilaire.

The atmosphere is casual and family-oriented. Their menu is diverse and offers something for everyone; grills, table d’hôte, pasta, and fish, to name a few. Additionally, there are vegetarian and gluten-free options available.

The restaurant is divided into three levels, each of which offers an incredible view of the Richelieu and Mont Saint-Hilaire.

You should try out the Portuguese grilled chicken plate, or any of the pulled pork specialties.


Steforno La Fabrique

$$ | 450-446-2444 | WEBSITE

Steforno La Fabrique

Without a pizza restaurant, of course, this list would be incomplete. And where better to eat pizza than at Beloeil’s Italian diner, Steforno La Fabrique. This restaurant imports 80 percent of its ingredients from Italy.

These authentic Italian pizzas are cooked in two wood-burning ovens, imparting an unmatched smoky flavor. The atmosphere is welcoming and inviting. You can choose from the Charcuterie and cheese platter or, my personal favorite, the Pomodoro and bufala pasta. The food melts in your mouth and leaves you in a state of bliss.



These are the 13 Best Restaurants in Beloeil, QC. If you ever visit Beloeil, you are certain to discover a restaurant that appeals to your culinary preferences. While eating alone, with friends, or with family, you can take in the sights and sounds of this charming riverside town.

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