16 Best Restaurants in Brampton, ON [2022 Updated]

Brampton, Ontario, is located in the greater Toronto area. With over half a million residents, Brampton is one of the fastest-growing cities within the Region of Peel. Sizewise, it follows behind Toronto, Ottowa, and Mississauga.

There are many things to do in Brampton, especially outdoor recreation, such as Peel Village Park, South Fletcher’s Creek Park, and Centennial Park. In addition, there is no shortage of ice hockey rinks in Brampton, such as Brampton Memorial Arena, Century Gardens Rec Centre, and Gage Park Skating Trail.

Blackstone Steakhouse and Grill

$$$ | (905) 451-3384 | Website

Blackstone Steakhouse and Grill

Blackstone Steakhouse is known as a halal restaurant, which means that they serve food that complies with Islamic law as laid out in the Koran. While their menu isn’t extensive, they offer appetizers, salads, pasta, steaks, and chicken.

Their steak entrees include striploin, ribeyes, t-bones, tenderloin, and porterhouse. Try their Shrimp Acapulco or Tropical Mussels as an appetizer. If you’re not feeling like a steak, they’ve also got different kinds of pasta such as Gnocchi Aioli and Cheese Stuffed Ravioli. Open Tuesday through Sunday for dinner only.


Filmy Tadka

$$ | (905) 458-1554 | Website

Filmy Tadka

Filmy Tadka is an Indian fusion restaurant in Brampton started by a Bollywood fashion designer. The restaurant offers Desi fusion such as Chilli Chicken Sushi, Schezwan Veggie Biryani, and Mac and Cheese Pakoras.

Filmy Tadka also offers a variety of bread such as roti, paratha, naan, and bhatura. They also have an extensive list of vegetarian entrees, such as Chole Bhatura, Shahi Paneer, and Spaghetti Paneer Tikki Masala. If you save room for dessert, they have Gulam Jamun Milk Shake, Gulab Jamun Cheesecake, and Ras Malai. Please call the restaurant for hours.


Harbourside Fish And Chips

$$ | (905) 840-3474 | Website

Harbourside Fish And Chips

As their name implies, Harbourside Fish and Chips serves a variety of fish and chips. But don’t let their name fool you, as they also serve plenty of other items. You’ll find sandwiches and tacos such as halibut on a bun and fish tacos. They also serve seafood and chips, such as scallops and clam strips with chips.

If you’re looking for something that’s baked or grilled, they offer a grilled chicken caesar salad. Their appetizers include everything from crab cakes to red jalapeno poppers. To round out their menu, Harbourside also offers various meat pies.

Lastly, their fried desserts are delectable, with options such as a deep-fried twinkie to pineapple fritters. You can’t go wrong at Harbourside Fish and Chips! Open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday.


Sushi House Japanese Restaurant

$$ | (905) 457-4882 | Website

Sushi House Japanese Restaurant

Sushi House Japanese Restaurant is located In downtown Brampton and has served locals for almost fifteen years. As its name implies, Sushi House does indeed serve sushi. The menu lists over forty types of special sushi rolls, including their Red Dragon Roll and their Canada Roll.

If you prefer classic sushi rolls, no problem. Sushi House Japanese Restaurant also offers everything from a California Roll to a Spicy Tuna Roll. If you are a vegetarian, several rolls to try include an Evergreen Roll and a Tempura Veggie Roll.

Most importantly, if you’re not a fan of sushi, they have many other options, from Chicken Teriyaki to a Bulgogi Dinner. Open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch and dinner.


The Crown and Lion English Pub

$$ | (905) 453-1000 | Website

The Crown and Lion English Pub

The Crown and Lion English Pub is an English pub located right in Brampton, Ontario! While they serve beer, their menu is perfect for delicious comfort food and pub fare. Appetizers include favorites such as Coconut Shrimp and their self-titled Best Wings in Town.

Try their Spinach and Goat Cheese Salad or French Onion Soup if you’re craving a salad. You can’t go wrong with their Triple Crown Club sandwich or their Smoked Meat Grilled Cheese. For comfort food, try their Fish & Chips or Liver & Onions. Open for lunch and dinner daily.



$ | (905) 216-3663 | Website

THE BURGER BROS in Brampton is one of four locations in the greater Toronto area. While you won’t find any salads at THE BURGER BROS, you will find plenty of burgers. They offer nine specialty burgers on the menu with a list of additional “extra goodness” such as buffalo shrimp, crusted cheese, or calamari.

If you aren’t in the mood for a burger, try one of their sandwiches, such as the Big Bird or the Game Changer. Then, add a side such as Chicken Poutine or Loaded Cheesy Fries to complement your burger. Finally, if you want the whole experience, order one of their milkshakes for dessert or with your meal. Open daily for lunch and dinner.


Churrasqueira Grelha D’ouro

$ | (905) 463-1245 | Website

Churrasqueira Grelha D’ouro

Churrasqueira Grelha D’ouro is a Portuguese barbeque restaurant. They have been serving Brampton residents for almost ten years. Churrasqueira Grelha D’ouro offers family meals that include rotisserie chicken, fish fillets, ribs, and sides.

They also offer fish and meat dishes for dining-in, such as Carne De Porco A Alentejana and Bacalhau A Gomes De Sa. Open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner.


Sunset Grill

$$ | (905) 452-8945 | Website

Sunset Grill

Sunset Grill is aptly named after a popular song by Don Henley. Sunset Grill first opened its doors in 1985 and has been serving Ontario residents ever since. Sunset Grill serves breakfast and lunch daily (except on Christmas Day).

Breakfast items include pancakes, waffles,  French Toast, and omelets. Lunch items include burgers, salads, soups, and sandwiches. They don’t allow substitutions but be prepared to get your delicious food quickly. Open daily for breakfast and lunch. They are closed on Christmas Day.


Milan Brampton – Ultimate Indian Street Food

$ | (905) 796-7070 | Website

Milan Brampton - Ultimate Indian Street Food

Milan is an Indian food restaurant focusing on Indian street food. It is family-owned and authentic. The menu offers sandwiches like the Aloo Mutter Sandwich and the Paneer Club Sandwich. They also list a whole section of Chaat on their menu, which roughly translates into authentic Indian street food.

Examples of Chaat include Pani Puri, Samosa Chaat, and Sev Puri. Menu items also include hot bites such as Chole Samosa and Chole Aloo Tikki. Milan also serves Falooda, traditionally made with vermicelli noodles and sweet milk. Open daily for lunch and dinner.


Fanzorelli’s Restaurant & Wine Bar

$$ | (905) 450-9752 | Website

Fanzorelli's Restaurant & Wine Bar

Fanzorelli’s Restaurant & Wine Bar is an Italian restaurant serving Brampton residents. Appetizers include items such as Fried Calamari, P.E.I. Mussels and Homemade Arancini Balls. Pasta dishes include Seafood Linguine, Sicilian Diavole Pasta, and Gnocchi Gorgonzola.

Try their lamb chops or pan-seared salmon if you’re looking for something incredibly hearty. If you’re feeling like pizza, Fanzorelli’s has you covered as well. Try their Tutti Fungi, Carne Amore, or Pesto Chicken pizzas.

If you’ve still got room for dessert, their Creme Brulee or Tiramisu are homemade and worth the calories. Open Monday through Friday for lunch and dinner. Open Saturday and Sunday for dinner service only.



$ | (905) 497-6246 | Website


Pizzanini is located in downtown Brampton and has been serving residents for roughly three years. Although their menu is pretty simple, it’s fresh and delicious. You can find a variety of pizzas on their menu, such as Cauliflower pizza (with mushrooms, red peppers, onions, and cauliflower florets) and Tandoori Chicken Pizza (with red onions, peppers, mushrooms, and Tandoori chicken).

Sides include chicken wings, pierogies, and samosas. If you’re feeling like something lighter, they offer a few salads such as a Greek Salad, Garden Salad, or Caesar Salad. However, don’t fill up on your entree because they offer a Nutella Pizza and NY Style Cheesecake for dessert. Open daily for lunch and dinner.


Mandarin Restaurant

$$ | (905) 451-2222 | Website

Mandarin Restaurant

Mandarin Restaurant has two locations in Brampton and almost thirty locations across Ontario. The original restaurant opened in 1979 and has been serving Ontario residents for over forty years. Mandarin Restaurant offers buffet-style Chinese food, ranging from soups, and traditional Chinese entrees, to desserts.

In addition, they offer Mandarin classics such as Beef with Broccoli or Sweet and Sour Pork. Mandarin has over 150 different items on its buffet tables on any given day. Items range from soups to sushi and everything in between.


Heritage Fish & Chips

$$$$ | (905) 451-0725 | Website

Heritage Fish & Chips

Heritage Fish & Chips has multiple locations across the greater Toronto area. They moved to this location in 1993 in Bramrose Plaza. While they do offer fish and chips on their menu, Heritage Fish & Chips offers so much more.

Appetizers include clam strips, breaded calamari rings, and fried mushrooms. Entrees include various fish dishes, including halibut, haddock, cod, orange roughy, sole, and tilapia. Seafood entrees include scallops and shrimp.

If you’re looking for something a little different, they also offer Haggis, Black Pudding, and Mealie Pudding. Finally, their homemade desserts will wow you if you don’t get full enough with your meal. Offerings include Homemade Rice Pudding, Homemade Sherry Trifle, and a Deep Fried Twinkie.


The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Bramalea

$$$ | (289) 632-6322 | Website

The Keg Steakhouse + Bar - Bramalea

The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Bramalea is a steakhouse dedicated to serving the finest steaks in Brampton. Appetizers include items such as Mushrooms Neptune, Baked Brie, and Escargot. Their steak selection is tremendous, with options such as Prime Rib, Filet Mignon, Top Sirloin, and Blue Cheese Filet.

If you want a seafood add-on, you can complement your steak with shrimp or lobster or top it off with a bearnaise sauce. If you’re not a fan of steak, they also offer Blackened Chicken, Pistachio Crusted Salmon, and a Lobster Tail Dinner. Open daily for dinner service only.


Vesuvio Ristorante

$$$ | (905) 459-0511 | Website

Vesuvio Ristorante

Vesuvio Ristorante has been serving Brampton residents for over fifty years. They serve authentic Italian food such as seafood, pasta, pizza, and steak. Appetizers (Antipasti) include items such as calamari and mussels. If you’re looking for something lighter, salad (Insalate) options include Caprese salad and Ceasar salad.

Vesuvio offers ten different pasta dishes, including manicotti, ravioli, and gnocchi. Main dishes (secondi) include Ossobucco, Chicken Parmigiana, and Veal Scaloppine. Veusivio’s also sells their spicy red sauce for take-home. Open Wednesday through Sunday for dinner only.


Saigon House Restaurant

$$ | (905) 874-8111 | Website

Saigon House Restaurant

Saigon House Restaurant serves both Vietnamese and Thai dishes to Brampton residents. Opened in 2003, the restaurant has had almost twenty years to perfect its menu. Their Vietnamese dishes include vermicelli, pho, and Bahn mi items. Thai dishes include spicy Thai basil noodles, Pad Thai, and Pad See-Ew. Open daily for lunch and dinner.


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Regardless of whether you’re a Brampton native or just passing through, we hope you get to try one of the top sixteen restaurants in Brampton!

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