15 Best Restaurants in Brossard, QC [2022 Updated]

What a restaurant! That is precisely what we say when we come out of a restaurant after having a delicious meal. If you plan to visit Brossard, QC, Canada, soon but don’t know about the best restaurants located in and around the area, this article is what you are looking for. This article will discuss the 15 best restaurants in Brossard, QC, Canada. Let us see what they are.

Restaurant Meridional

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The restaurant is one of the famous food places in Brossard, Canada. The types of food available here vary from the Moroccan to the Mediterranean. The restaurant has a beautifully decorated interior with a rustic vibe.

If you are out for dinner or any family gathering or friends’ reunion, this place will be your perfect choice. The restaurant’s authenticity and sophistication amaze whoever steps into the restaurant. If you want an affordable restaurant for arranging an outing with your parents or friends, then the Restaurant Meridional is one of the best places you will ever come across.


La Cuisine de tatie

$$ | 450-656-0701 | Website

La Cuisine de tatie

If you are a vegetarian and are searching for some good restaurant where you will be getting plenty of vegan options, then look nowhere else. The La Cuisine de tatie is one of the best restaurants to help you with mouth lingering tastes and a pleasant treat.

According to some research, the restaurant ranks six out of a hundred seventy restaurants in Brossard, QC, Canada. The restaurant has such a pleasant décor that it is sure to remind you of the traditional French culture.


Niji Sushi Bar Et Restaurant

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Are you a huge admirer of sushi? Well, me too. The taste is just finger-licking good, and it reminds us of the Japanese anime, don’t they? What else reminds us of the Japanese anime, do you know? It is none other than the famous Niji Sushi Bar Et Restaurant of Brossard, QC, Canada.

The restaurant is spread lavishly with an exquisite and glossy interior decoration. The royal setting of the dining with comfortable couches will make you feel as if you are inside a palace. The Niji Sushi Bar Et Restaurant specializes in the making of Japanese, sushi, Asian, and grill. The restaurant is worth mentioning for its veg options and gluten-free options.


La Tomate Blanche

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Have you ever studied about the period of the Renaissance or heard about it? If yes, then sure that when you step inside the La Tomate Blanche restaurant in Brossard, Quebec, Canada, you will get a complete vibe of the renaissance period with its beautiful decoration.

The fantastic amalgamation of the lights spread over the beautiful dining and the cozy chairs with comfortable cushions makes one gaze with awe and have the food in a relaxed corner. This restaurant too is vegetarian friendly. If you go there, it is a suggestion to taste the lasagna there, it is yum, and the selection of beer or wine will make you come to the La Tomate Blanche again.


ZIBO! Brossard

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Suppose you are planning to visit the ZIBBO! Brossard, then don’t miss out on the Pizza Sante Fe. It did taste superb. The crust has a soft, crunchy taste, and the red pizza sauce is tangy and spicy enough to make you feel like heaven once it goes inside your mouth. The restaurant has lavish decorations.

The wooden stairs and the lights hanging from the top will surely give you a goofy atmosphere but will cast a spell of charm once you step inside the restaurant. The restaurant specializes in Canadian and grill items, so go for it if they are your favorite.


Bocado Grill

$$$$ | 450-890-0500 | Website

Bocado Grill

The town’s one of the best restaurants that serve food at a broader scale, ranging from barbeque to European and grill. The visit to the Bocado grill, according to most of the reviews by the customer, has been pleasant and praiseworthy. If a review has to be given, then it must be told about the astonishing ambiance of the restaurant.

Grilled calamari is something you would love, I bet. The taste is something that is not going to leave your mouth like forever. The gastronomic taste that this restaurant will give you is worth investing in. If you are still searching for a good restaurant, why not try the Bocado Grill?


Le Mile Public House

$$$ | 450-926-1444 | Website


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With its outstanding lighting, the restaurant has set the bar high for restaurant decoration. As the name suggests, Le Mile Public House, it can be well understood that the restaurant specializes in Canadian food items, and mon repas is one of the most demanding foods in this restaurant.

If you are on your date or for any family gathering, this is the perfect place where you can take your loved ones out. Taste the mon repas of the Le Mile Public House, and pretty sure it will leave you in awe.


Siam Restaurant Thai

$$$$ | 450-445-4141 | Website

As the name suggests, this restaurant- Siam Restaurant Thai, specializes in Thai and Asian food. If you consider the Asian food or the Thai food to be a real deal, then look nowhere else; just go for the Siam Restaurant Thai. They serve the best.

The gorgeous interior decoration is very welcoming to the customers. The restaurant serves gluten-free, vegetarian food too. Now, isn’t that amazing? Try out the pad Thai with chicken, which is better to rate ten on ten. The food decoration, the flavor, the taste, and the smell, every bit of it is wholesome.


Sushi Yasu 

$$ | 450-465-8383   | Website

Sushi Yasu 

The diner setting with dim yellowish light will set your mood for the nostalgic sushi of Japan. The restaurant décor with a warn cozy Japanese corner will make you believe you are in Japan. Isn’t that just purely magical? Please wait for it, till you hear about the food.

The reviews of this restaurant are top-notch, and the maintenance of consistent grey quality food will win over your heart. Try out the fried calamari item of Sushi Yasu; you would want to come for it again and again.

If you think of the perfect Japanese sushi, then try out Sushi Yasu; as the name suggests its specialization over sushi, it doesn’t lie. It trues does make outstanding sushis- one of the best in the town.


Delhi Kabab

$ | 450-678-6535 | Website

Delhi Kabab

Delhi is the capital of India, and hence with the name’s suggestion, we all can well understand the specialization of this restaurant- Indian food. Have you tried the tangy and the spicy taste of the Indian food items? If not, then try it out today. Once you taste it, you will want to taste it again and again.

It gives you not only the non-veg food items, but you get to try veg and gluten-free items too. Try out the tandoori chicken and the cheese nun; it will just melt in your mouth. Abd for all the Indians will remind you of your home; I bet it will make you emotional and nostalgic.


Oasis Surf

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The restaurant specializes in Mexican, American, and Caribbean food items. The open area near the beach will give you a perfect vibe. If you want to go out for a romantic dinner date, it is one of the best places. The ambiance, the atmosphere, and the food are so classic that they will make you revisit the place. Try out the Millefeuille de betterave; you are going to love it.


Crux Comptoir

$ | 450-812-8787 | Website

Crux Comptoir

The restaurant will offer you plenty of vegan options. The ambiance is praiseworthy with a neat sitting arrangement, and the employees deserve an award for the way they take care of their customers.

If you wonder about the veg options, then the veg pizza at Crux Comptoir is a must-try. Wonder what a veg pizza would taste like? Well, then why not try it out yourself. Get a reservation and have a bite of the veg pizza.


Shish Taouk & Cie 

$ | 450-890-2222 | Website

Shish Taouk & Cie 

On entering the restaurant, you won’t understand if it is a restaurant or a five-star movie theatre. The dim yellowish lighting and the table arrangement. The restaurant, although cheap, is likely to give you a luxury vibe.

The Shish Taouk & Cie restaurant will add a different taste to your taste buds with the variation of Lebanese, Mediterranean, and fast-food items. How amazing is it? You get so many items at this cheap price.


 Allo! Mon Coco

$$$ | 450-926-1900 | Website


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The lavish treatment and the restaurant’s site will likely take you to a wonderland. If you are searching for a family-friendly restaurant with good food, then here is your chance. You will get various Canadian and veg options. Try it out now.


Ristorante Portofino

$$ | 450-445-8716 | Website

The restaurant favors Italian and vegetarian food items. Whether brunch, late-night, or date, you can consider this restaurant for any outing. Try out the Hamburger Di Portofino; it is a must-try for everyone. Go and try it out today.


Try out your favourite restaurant from the above mentioned and enjoy!

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