15 Best Restaurants in Edmonton, AB [2022 Updated]

Being in Edmonton gives you tons of things to do and places to see. As it should, given that it is the capital city of Alberta, Canada. It is best known for being “Canada’s Festival City, mainly because of the various festivals the city hosts every year.

Not only that, but it is also home to the second largest mall in North America, West Edmonton Mall. You can also find Canada’s largest living history museum here in Edmonton, which is Fort Edmonton Park.

Now doesn’t that make you hungry just reading about all the activities and places you can enjoy in Edmonton? Good thing there’s plenty of awesome food finds in one of the most happening cities in Canada. Here are 15 of the best restaurants you can check out in Edmonton, in no particular order.


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Bündok offers seasonal small plates, punctuated with craft cocktails and cider. Don’t be deceived by the size of the plates because the tapas, altogether are satisfyingly filling. The ambiance definitely adds to the fancy vibes you get with the place, too.

Diners rave about their steaks and pasta as well, but the winning item on the menu is the Parmesan soup. If you’ve never had heaven in a bowl, then this is where you should be at.


The Marc

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Looking to go somewhere fancy for a change? You can never go wrong with French cuisine, especially if it’s at The Marc. This elegant restaurant will serve you contemporary French dishes in its sophisticated black and beige-themed rooms, all the way out to the comfy patio seating.

From appetizers to desserts, they really bring out the “special” in “special occasions.” Do take note that they have limited seating, so it’s best to make your reservations in advance.


Sabor Restaurant

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If you’re craving some scrumptious Spanish or Portuguese cuisine, then head on over to Sabor Restaurant. Not only will you be able to satisfy this very specific craving, you’ll also get to have some of the best seafood you can ever have.

Another thing that keeps diners coming back for more is the superb service from the staff. Couple that with the great ambiance, and you have the perfect recipe for a dinner you won’t soon forget.



$$$ | 780-757-4100 | Website


What’s in a name? For some companies, everything. Woodwork, for example, is named such because of their love of woodfire cooking and barrel-aged spirits. Basically, “Where There’s Wood, There’s Food” could have been their motto. Too bad it isn’t, but fortunately for those looking for woodfire-cooked meals, they’ve got that right on the dollar for you.

Pair your cocktails with some bar food, or dive right into their mains, such as the Grilled Chicken Breast, Lamb Chop, and their house best seller, the Woodwork Smash Burger.


Tzin Wine & Tapas

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If you want something cozy, perhaps even exclusive, then Tzin Wine & Tapas is where you should go. They said it so themselves: they are “a very small Winebar,” which means you can’t just show up unannounced or without reservation.

The extra step to accessing Tzin, however, is all worth it, as it is recognized to be one of the chicest wine bars around. To make your dining experience even more fun, select the “Feed Me” option, and your server will put together a custom menu just for you!


Bistro Praha

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Bistro Praha brings a taste of Prague right to Edmonton. Along with other European classics like goulash and schnitzel, you can look forward to what is arguably the best steak tartare you’ll have in the city. If you’re hankering for some authentic Czech food, make sure to drop by Bistro Praha.


The Melting Pot Edmonton

$$$$ | 780-465-4347  | Website

Calling all cheese lovers out there! If you believe that there is no such thing as too much cheese, then this is the place for you! The Melting Pot Edmonton offers heated pots of delectable and scrumptious cheese that you can use for dipping, as well as cooking. For added variety, you can also ask for chocolate or broth.

The fondue component certainly makes the meal delightfully interactive, so it is highly recommended that you take your time to enjoy the meal. It’s a leisurely setup that you truly should take in for as much as you can.

This should make for a truly fun and interesting date night, but also a wholesome affair for the whole family.


Tres Carnales Taqueria

$$ | 780-429-0911 | Website

Looking for the best tacos in the city? You know you’d have come to the right place at the Tres Carnales Taqueria. It’s as authentic as any Mexican street food can get, and it’s the first of its kind in Edmonton.

The menu offers fun and playful Mexican street food, just like how the founders remember their experience of it in their hometowns. Whether it’s quesadillas, tortas, or tacos, you can have a taste of Mexico right here in Edmonton.

Do take note that Tres Carnales also has a sister restaurant, Tres Carnales Rostizado, so don’t confuse the two. Although it wouldn’t actually be so bad to go try out their Rostizado menu too.



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Are you a certified meat-lover? The MEAT is the place for you! This barbecue place serves up a truly authentic barbecue experience, complete with the communal tables perfect for an enjoyable meal with great company.

One great thing about this restaurant is that they keep things interesting by switching up the menu from time to time. This should get you coming back for more, without getting stuck with the same stuff.

Of course, it wouldn’t be good barbecue if the servings aren’t large and for sharing. All these boxes are checked on MEAT’s list, so make sure to drop by soon!



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From All Meat, let’s take this list to No Meat. Padmanadi is THE best vegan restaurant in Edmonton–and that’s not just a bold claim. This, in fact, has been decided by the city residents themselves. So if it’s Edmonton-approved, then you can rest assured it’s really going to be good.

At Padmanadi, when you say vegan, it’s not just heaping leaves upon leaves, and then slathering them with sauce for taste and flavor. We’re talking authentic vegetable cuisines inspired by Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, and Indian recipes. Go for a spin around the globe with this vegan restaurant without stepping out of Edmonton.


Homefire Grill

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Native, indigenous cooking at its finest can be enjoyed at the Homefire Gril. Their menu offerings all consist of locally produced ingredients and include various foods from both land and sea. One of the things you can look forward to at the Homefire Grill is that the food is cooked over an open flame.

This method of cooking allows people to witness the process themselves, which makes for a more exciting and dynamic dining experience. “Fire-Roasted Comfort Food,” as they call it. Whether or not you do need actual comforting, Homefire Grill is open for you to recharge and fill up your tank.


Vaticano Cucina

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Italian dish lovers will have a grand time at the Vaticano Cucina, a very straightforward Italian cuisine offering pizzas cooked fresh on a wood fire, among others. They also have sizzling items in their menu, which come to your table still smoking hot.

If you’re craving something Italian but are not quite interested in breaking the bank on account of tonight’s dinner, then Vaticano Cucina is an option you should look into.


La Ronde Revolving Restaurant

$$$ | 1800-661-8801 | Website

Located at the very top floor of the Chateau Lacombe Hotel, the La Ronde Revolving Restaurant takes the dining experience to a whole new level–literally. With its rich history as the city’s First Revolving Restaurant in the city’s First Skyscraper, it’s not hard to imagine why people would want to have an experience up here.

Beyond that prestigious history, and not to mention the breathtaking views of the city from high up above, the thing that makes diners keep coming back for more is their rich menu of high-market steak and seafood.


The Butternut Tree

$$$$ | 780-760-2271  | Website

The Butternut Tree

Experience something truly, uniquely Canadian at The Butternet Tree. This fine dining restaurant serves fresh, seasonal ingredients that are locally produced. Enjoy this offering in a rustic-modern setting that makes any romantic dinner even sweeter.

Need some more convincing? How about the fact that Michelin Chef Scott Downey is at the helm of this spectacular degustation experience, just for you? It’s as much of a visual treat as it is filling too!


Rge Rd

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Curious about farm-to-table cuisine? Basically, it just means that the produce is harvested locally, making it as fresh as possible as it could be. Don’t worry, they also have meat here. In fact, you may not be particularly fond of bison meat, but with how they prepare the meat here at Rge Rd, you just might suddenly find yourself looking for it the next time around.

What’s also great is that the options on the menu do allow you to better understand what is the big deal about farm-to-table restaurants.

Pair their meat charcuterie and some smooth drinks from the bar. Whether it’s beer, wine, or liquor, you can double the enjoyment you get out of this dining experience.



Whether you’re simply dropping by Edmonton for a couple of weeks, or if you’d just like to unwind for a few days, you’re sure lucky to be surrounded by all of these great options.

As you can gather from the list, it’s a fairly common expectation now for restaurants to prefer making bookings and reservations.

Especially if you have a huge group, it would be much more convenient and enjoyable for everyone to have a confirmed reservation at the restaurant you prefer.

Also, take note that these are only a few of the best restaurants in Edmonton. You can be certain that there are plenty more not covered in this list. Do take the time to research the restaurants as well, so you can find the one that best suits your mood, preferences, and occasion you’re celebrating.

Have fun in Edmonton and happy din

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