15 Best Restaurants in Guelph, ON, Canda [2022 Updated]

Are you in love? In love with the gastronomic culture of Guelph, Canada? Well, then here is your chance to grab the best. Check out the following restaurants, and don’t miss out on the circumstances.

Artisanale French Country Cooking

$$-$$$ | 519-821-3359 | Website

Artisanale French Country Cooking

Who would want to miss this heartwarming menu of Artisanale French Country Cooking? Try them out, and I believe you will be blown away by the beauty of the scallops that they serve. It is literally a way to your everyday taste buds.

Apart from the scallops, you may rely on the beauty of its European and French dishes. The casual spacious sitting that you get to find in the restaurant is a hat’s off to the maker of it. The brick walls that are beautifully decorated will not let you take your eyes off of them to enjoy the food in this beauty, do visit it.


Miijidaa Café + Bistro

$$$ | 519-821-9271 | Website


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Cafes are always special if you want to go on a date or just to spend some lonely time. And the Miijidaa Café _ Bistro must be or rather has to be a special mention. The surrounding atmosphere will not let you leave the place.

I am pretty sure you will get stuck in there with the amazing food too, and you won’t want to leave it. The variety of mouth flickering tastes ranging from sandwiches to salads to deserts will only deserve a whole-hearted appreciation from you.

Apart from the food, the dining is worthy of appreciation too, because of not only the comfy spacious couch but also the beauty that beholds the eye of the observer. Oh you did notice what I did there, didn’t you!


La Cucina

$$$$ | 519-836-3031 | Website

La Cucina

Heard that you want to have a gastronomic experience? Well, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and book your seats at the La Cucina. This is one of the best restaurants in Guelph that has a classic dining establishment.

The serving is done in a proper artful manner to hold up to the modernity and classicism of the era. If you want to certify any place for its excellence in food and environment, then I bet, La Cucina be it. This is because it won my heart with its food and surely will win yours too once you try them out. Oh! Not to forget the specialties of this restaurant- Mediterranean and Italian.


The Keg Steakhouse + Bar

$$$$ | 519-829-1234 | Website


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I heard you talking about some exquisite dishes and I thought you called for the Keg Steakhouse + Bar. visitors, if you want to go out for some wine in a bar, this bar cum restaurant is the perfect call for you. And if you want to taste the perfect American dishes, then this place will hold platters before you, and you won’t be able to choose- yes that is the beauty of it.


Aberfoyle Mill Restaurant

$$$$ | 519-763-1070 | Website

Aberfoyle Mill Restaurant

Are you a tourist? And still in search of a restaurant to have the perfect combination of food? Listen to me and visit the Aberfoyle Mill Restaurant. One of the best restaurants having certainly some good reviews and ratings in Guelph.

The sophisticated rustic designs of the restaurant will earn your heart just within a moment. the rustic vibe with the addition of some soft music will not go unnoticed. It will let you enjoy the beauty of American food and will make your journey bright and happy. Try it out, it won’t disappoint you for sure.


Creekside Kitchen

$$$$ | 519-821-7477 | Website

Want to visit Guelph and have the best of it when it comes to food? Then without any doubts in heart and questions in mind, visit the Creekside Kitchen. They do have a tempting collection of several dishes that you will only have to love as there is no other choice.

The sophisticated ambiance with the perfect representation of the American culture will not let you down and that is what the Creekside Kitchen promises its customers. The reviews have come up for the salmon stuffed with crab and shrimp, if you want to try it too, you are welcome to do so.

Try it out and let us know. Also, the place serves Mediterranean and Canadian alongside the American platters.


Na-Ha-Thai’s Kitchen

$$$$ | 519-362-1467 | Website

Have been days here in America but have not been able to get hold of some good Asian food- if this is what you are thinking, then it is time to break the thought because the Na-Ha-Thai’s Kitchen has come to let your tension get buried down.

The best dining place that can make you feel homely is the Na-Ha-Thai’s Kitchen. The perfect blend of the fancy, spicy dishes from Thailand and Asia will let you gaze with your mouth in awe.

Yeah,w that did sound a bit off “ gaze your mouth in awe” but yeah that is only how I am supposed to explain after having their tasty dishes. The Asian cuisine is a hit in this restaurant. Try it out to find it. And also, do visit the restaurant if you are missing out on your traditional culture of Thailand.



$$$$ | 519-767-2440 | Website


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Want to feel the nostalgia of Italy. Then wait no more and visit the Manhattans. The classic restaurant that will give you the Italian vibes, sitting here in America. The menu that has been set in this restaurant is made from the traditional recipes that have been passed down.

The walls of the restaurant which are decorated with images of Italy will only make you want to go back to your home. Ranging from pizzas to pasta, every Italian dish comes with a tinkering taste of the country. And the pizza, oh my god, just taste it already. The thin crust along with the tangy, spice herbs with makes you feel and have the taste of the heavens itself.


Buon Gusto

$$$ | 519-265-8766 | Website


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Some of you out there, might have been wondering about reading this article when I will talk about some tasty seafood, right? Well, to all my readers who are big fans of seafood, here we go. Try out the Buon Gusto- the treasure of different types of Seafood items, that are ready to blow your mind away.

The Calamaria alabiata- have you tasted it? If not, then you are probably missing out on something great and beautiful. Now, let us talk about the ambiance of the restaurant. well, I went crazy seeing it. Just one word- beautiful. The first thing that I felt about going there is how come a restaurant can be this pretty. Well, if you don’t believe me, try for yourself.


York Rd Kitchen & Chocolate Bar

$$$$ | 519-763-633 | Website


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Chocolates? Yum. Yes, that is what we all feel. And so are you going to feel once you step inside the York Rd Kitchen & Chocolate Bar. If you have a love affair with desserts and chocolates, then this is your call.

The contemporary chocolate lava cake is just way too awesome to taste. The making of the chocolates with certain local ingredients is likely to make you feel like heaven when they go inside your mouth.

Why only chocolate? Good mood comes with good food- is what the restaurant believes and that is why they have various other mouth-watering dishes too. What are you waiting for? Visit this cool place today.


Atmosphere Café + Etc

$$ | 519-824-0430 | Website

Be it for lunch, breakfast, or dinner, this exotica is the perfect one for you. The spacious dining and the mouth flickering dishes will just set your mood right. The calmness of the place is likely to make you feel the serenity of the environment. Be it for tourists or residents, they have a global range of collections of food items. Be it Canadian or Italian the Atmosphere Café + Etc is at its best.


Queen’s Café

$$ | 519-824-6868 | Website


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Try out the rusticity of the classic American dishes with the positivity of taste and classic blend of the flavor from the ingredients all over the world. If you want to try out American dishes solely, then there is no other café as perfect as the Queen’s Café. The restaurant is very picky about its vintage and has preferred to keep it American solely. To get a gastronomic experience visit them.


Café Greek Garden

$$ | 519-821-0000 | Website

The Café Greek Garden is one of the most famous cafes in Guelph, Canada. The diversification that this restaurant offers is praiseworthy among its customers- be it tourists or be it nearby residents.

The homecooked chicken will make you want it more along with the tangy taste of Swiss cheese. The flavor and the combination go well- doesn’t it? Their specialty lies in the Greek food that sets the standards of this restaurant high enough to bring it into some competition with the other restaurants.

If you are an admirer of Greek food and culture, then this place is likely to give you a wholesome experience.


Sugo on Surrey

$$$ | 519-265-5532 | Website


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Such a surreal feeling but yet so very unlikely to know- the Italian feeling in the cold streets of Canada? Well, guess what? The Sugo on Survey will likely serve you with that. The restaurant prepares such food with the classic Italian taste that will make you fall in love with the food or the maker of the food.

Well, of course, the latter part is just a joke. But anyway, if you want to taste the perfect Italian combination with the American dishes, you have to visit this restaurant


Einstein’s Café

$$$ | 519-822-6742 | Website

Einstein's Café

The café is a proper fusion of American- Canadian dishes. The café has a classic ambiance that showcases the appropriate Canadian culture. The café has never been expensive but has a quality in its food, as the makers promise to not compromise on it. The friendly cafeteria of Canada will give you a feeling of your home. So, try it out now.



Try out these various restaurants in Guelph, and get the glory of the different food items. Try them out now.

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