17 Best Restaurants in Halifax, NS, Canada [2022 Updated]

Halifax, Nova Scotia is an exciting place to live or visit. One of the best parts is the wide range of restaurants available to you. If you’re planning a trip to Halifax, or simply want to know which are the best restaurants in Halifax, this list will provide you with some fantastic options to check out.

Bar Kismet

$$$ | 902-487-4319 | Website


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This family-owned and operated restaurant emphasizes fresh ingredients and skilled preparation. They serve a menu of seafood, pasta, and specialty drinks that change each week, ensuring that all guests, new and returning, will get a unique, luxurious experience.

There is a wide variety of wines and cocktails available at a range of prices. Among the unique drink options is Swan Song Cabaret, which contains among other ingredients, artichoke liqueur and banana milk. Come here to get a dinner made with high-quality ingredients treated in ways you’ve never seen before.


EnVie: A Vegan Kitchen

$$ | 902-492-4077 | Website


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If you’re looking for upscale, creative vegan food in Halifax, EnVie is a fantastic option. EnVie caters to people with dietary regulations, meaning they can find dinner options here that might be unavailable anywhere else.

Their vegan versions of Pad Thai and orange chicken are delicious, with satisfying portion sizes. Come in for a meal or an appetizer and relax in the comfortable, extremely welcoming atmosphere. Set aside all preconceived notions about vegan food, because you are going to love your meal here.


The Press Gang Restaurant and Oyster House

$$$$ | 902-423-8816 | Website


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The Press Gang Restaurant and Oyster House takes its inspiration from the seafaring history of Halifax. With its stone walls and gleaming lighting, eating here is like stepping back in time. The menu focuses on high-quality seafood, with raw oysters available from a number of locations.

If you’re not a fan of seafood, take a look at their other entrees, which include a delicious lamb shank and beef tenderloin. Finally, don’t forget dessert! The Press Gang has a range of after-dinner treats, with both sweet treat and savory cheese options available.


Sushi Fujiyama

$$ | 902-492-1133 | Website

Sushi Fujiyama

Located just off the beaten path in Halifax, Sushi Fujiyama is a beautiful Japanese restaurant serving sushi and hibachi to the hungry visitors that can find it. With its wide menu, you’re sure to find something for everybody in your group.

Try the specialty Nova Scotia maki roll, with its thin slices of salmon drizzled in a spicy chili sauce. Or, enjoy a Love Boat for three with some friends. With fifteen to twenty pieces of each type of food, you can all fill up on delicious food for a reasonable price!


The Brooklyn Warehouse

$$ | 902-446-8181 | Website


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If you want good food in a comfortable, no-frills environment, The Brooklyn Warehouse is the restaurant for you. With a seasonally-changing menu, you know that you’re getting the freshest ingredients each time you eat there.

The Brooklyn Warehouse is open for both brunch and dinner. Check out the fresh raw oysters, then get something off the wide-ranging menu for your meal. The tofu banh-mi is packed with flavor. Or, if you want an old classic done right, try the burger.


The Bicycle Thief

$$$ | (902) 425-7993 | Website


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For an authentic taste of North American Italian culture, get over to The Bicycle Thief. This old-school joint is filled with charm even before you order your food. With its menu available for takeout or delivery, you can have the convenience of bringing your meal along with you.

Or, if you have the time, pull up a chair and relax. With a massive wine selection and a mouth-watering menu of appetizers and entrees, you’ll have no problem finding something to linger over for as long as possible.


Tako Loco Mexican Restaurant

$ | (902) 420-1759 | Website


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Get authentic Mexican food right here in Halifax! This tiny restaurant offers both eat-in and takeout options. So check out the tacos and appetizers offered by the warm and welcoming staff.

Highlights include the veggie taco, which is stuffed full of delicious vegetables. For the carnivores in your group, the steak taco and tinga taco offer a truly delicious experience. Plus, if you go in on Friday and Saturday, Tako Loco has a special 10 tacos and 2 beer special for only $50!


The Coastal Cafe

$$ | (902) 405-4022 | Website

The Coastal Cafe

Get a fresh meal or bring something home to store for later! The Coastal Cafe offers wraps, sandwiches, and burgers to go, all of them delicious and filling. If you want something a little lighter, consider getting one of their soups to go.

With everything from spicy miso to black bean tortilla soup, you have all kinds of options. The Coastal Cafe is busy, yet efficient. And everyone there is very friendly. So if you want a quick bite, get in line. They move quickly and leave you very satisfied.


The Barrington Steakhouse and Oyster Bar

$$$$ | (902) 407-5001 | Website

For upscale dining in Halifax, The Barrington Steakhouse and Oyster Bar offers something for every palate. Get your specially curated oysters raw or Rockefeller at the oyster bar. If you enjoy seafood, you can continue on with appetizers like the seafood platter or chilled shrimp cocktail.

From there, enjoy the locally-raised and butchered Canadian steaks that have been aged in-house for 45 days. The steaks are delicious and cooked exactly the way you want them to be. So, if you want unfussy upscale dining, The Barrington Steakhouse and Oyster Bar is the way to go.


The Wooden Monkey

$$ | (902) 444-3844 | Website

If you want a restaurant that not only cares about the environment, but builds its business around these beliefs, you should go to The Wooden Monkey. With a focus on organic ingredients and local farms and farmers, the owners prove that you don’t need to sacrifice flavor in order to be environmentally conscious.

There are two menus, the main menu for everyday visits, and the special menu available for functions. Both celebrate Nova Scotia with both light meals and satisfying entrees. Try the scallop pasta, with its creamy sauce and rich chunks of seafood. Or, split a gourmet pizza with a friend.


Happy Veal Hot Pot

$$$ | (902) 700-9476 | Website

Happy Veal Hot Pot

Enjoy a group meal or a quick lunch at Happy Veal Hot Pot. There are options available for everyone, with lunchtime combination plates and fried snacks available. However, the star of the show is the hot pot.

With a standard and spicy version available, you can choose your own heat level, as well as customize your soup with the meats and vegetables of your choosing. Their hot pot is perfect for a group lunch or some solo time.


Fredie’s Fantastic Fish House

$$ | (902) 450-3474 | Website

Fredie’s Fantastic Fish House

If you want a simple, solid fish and chips plate, Fredie’s got you covered. They have a small menu, but the focus on fish makes it one of the best options in the area. Get one, two, or three pieces of fried fish in their specialty batter, then pair it with poutine for a delicious, golden treat.

If fried fish isn’t your thing, they also have a juicy scallop and chips combo plate. Or you can stick to the sides, where you can get the fantastic poutine or Fredie’s “Newfie” fries with bread dressing and gravy.


Black Sheep

$$$ | (902) 429-6491 | Website

If you’re going to Black Sheep, you can get brunch or dinner all day long. With locally-sourced ingredients and skilled preparation, you know that no matter what you get, it’s going to be good.

Highlights include the duck poutine with house-made kimchi and indulgent banana bread french toast. Accompany your meal with a red, white, or sparkling wine. The interior of the restaurant is a gorgeous industrial-inspired space where you can relax and linger over your meal.


Buta Ramen

$$ | (902) 422-0245 | Website

Buta Ramen

If you’re craving a warm, nourishing bowl of ramen, Buta Ramen will fit the bill. They offer nearly exclusively ramen and other noodle dishes, with a small, but delicious, appetizer selection.

Highlights include the Miso Ramen with buttery pork belly chunks and garlic, as well as the vegetable Yaki Soba. With very reasonable prices, you can have a satisfying bowl of ramen for dinner without worrying about the cost. It’s ideal for a weeknight or a quick get together with friends.


The Foggy Goggle

$$ | (902) 444-1414 | Website

Get delicious Canadian pub food in a comfortable setting at The Foggy Goggle. The staff are all friendly and knowledgeable about both food and drink, so you can trust them to give you the best experience.

The food is healthy, while comforting and satisfying. So it’s a great option for a guilt-free evening out. Try the brunch menu or get some dinner while attending one of their many fun events.



$$$ | (902) 407-6042 | Website


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Drift uses local ingredients and trained chefs to celebrate the Atlantic Canadian legacy. The food is traditional to the region, including hearty, delicious options like Maryann’s Brown Bread with organic honey.

The highlight entrees include the steak and chips with caramelized red onions, as well as the mushroom tart. It’s all excellent quality, yet unpretentious, much like the region it is celebrating. They offer weekend brunch, as well as a late-night drinks option, so any time is a good time to check out Drift.


2 Doors Down

$$ | (902) 422-4224 | Website


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2 Doors Down boasts global flavors in a local way. They connect with local farmers in order to get the best ingredients for their dishes, which range from old-school burgers to a rainbow trout noodle bowl.

If you want trendy food in a location that will welcome your whole family, 2 Doors Down is a good choice. They have a simple kids menu that makes it easy to find something they’ll enjoy, like mac and cheese or chicken tenders. Plus, there is the after-dinner menu, which is filled with desserts and spirits to help you wrap up your meal.



The best restaurants in Halifax include a variety of cuisines and price points. This means that there is something for everybody, so make sure that you take your time exploring all the entries on this list. You’ll find that Halifax is filled with delicious food that celebrates life in this beautiful region!

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