15 Best Restaurants in Beauharnois, QC, [2022 Updated]

Beauharnois is a small municipality that is part of the greater Montreal area in southwestern Quebec and is best known for its canal that bears the same name.

The Beauharnois Canal is a part of the Saint Lawerence Seaway, connecting Lake Saint-Francis to Lake Saint-Louis, which allows water traffic to avoid an area of rapids along the Saint Lawerence River.

While visiting the city, you’ll want to take advantage of the fantastic variety of restaurants that offer a global array of food options in one place. Let’s take a look at the 15 best restaurants in Beauharnois, QC, Canada:

1. Ben & Florentine

$$ | (450) 429-3333 | Website

Ben & Florentine

Ben & Florentine is well known for its brunch offerings, but they also have fantastic options for lunch and dinner too. No matter whether you are craving something savoury, healthy, spicy or sweet, you will find something to suit your needs.

Great portions in a reasonable price range and their serving staff are prompt and attentive to your needs.

For a flavourful and satisfying brunch, check out the Maple Syrup skillet option. It’s a delightful mix of bacon, peppers, onion, cheddar and monterey jack cheese that is topped with hollandaise sauce and a drizzle of maple syrup.


2. Patate Mallette

$ | Website

Patate Mallette

Patate Mallette is a small burger shack that has been serving mouth-watering burgers, hotdogs and poutine since 1956. They have fantastic portions at a very affordable price and serve some of the best tasting burgers and poutine you will ever sink your teeth into.

While they don’t offer delivery (dine-in and drive-through only), it is well worth the visit. Aside from the unanimous decree of fabulous service, the number one talked about menu item that is considered a must try when you visit, is the parfait.


3. The Powerhouse Microbrewery

$$ | (450) 395-0953 | Website

The Powerhouse Microbrewery

This microbrewery has a pub vibe mixed with a modern local brew house that offers a wide variety of brewed on-site seasonal beers and pub-style food offerings, including fish & chips, burgers, poutine and more.

They have a nice quiet patio to sit and chat with no background music to compete with and the establishment is located on the shore of Lake Saint-Louis.

While they may not have a signature dish to seek out, the location and pub-style food with local brews is a great combination for anyone looking to spend an afternoon or evening relaxing with some friends.


4. Amir Beauharnois

$ | (450) 429-2626 | Website

Amir Beauharnois

This is a must try restaurant when visiting Beauharnois as it is a truly unique food offering. Amir Beauharnois serves up amazing Lebanese cuisine with a modern twist and all of their menu items are based on family recipes. They have stuck to the original vision of bringing authentic Lebanese food to Quebec for over 30 years.

Some of the offerings include falafel, garlic potatoes, shawarma, and fattoush. They also have a variety of vegetarian-friendly options.

No matter if you choose to eat in or order out, you will not be disappointed.


5. Bistro Fernand

$$$ | (450) 395-3939  | Website

Bistro Fernand

Bistro Fernand is located in the Beauharnois marketplace, making it a perfect stop while out exploring or shopping. The establishment is very welcoming with its urban decor and friendly staff. The menu offers items that are unique to the region and designed to make your mouth water even from the pictures.

While the price point is a little higher than in some places, the food is worth the extra cost.


6. Bistro Cafe Delice

$$ | (450) 395-1103 | Website

Bistro Cafe Delice

Tapas, tapas, tapas! Who doesn’t enjoy good tapas? Bistro Cafe Delice offers a wide variety of flavor options and good portions at a fair price. If you are looking for something a little different, check this place out.

It is located in a renovated home from the old days of the city, which gives it a nice historical feeling. They are also a licensed establishment with a decent selection of drink choices. The portions are hefty but not overwhelming and the price range is decent.


7. La Porte Pizza

$$ | (450) 429-4444 | Website

La Porte Pizza

La Porte Pizza serves some of the best comfort food and is perfect for any day, but is especially good on that inevitable cloudy or rainy day that seems to find any trip or vacation plan. There is one menu option in particular that is a must try, and that is the pizza-ghetti combo pizza.

The chicken dishes will also make you drool when you see them being served. Fair warning, you will probably want to make more than one visit after having your first experience. Every town needs to have a place like this. It’s a true gem.


8. Bar Vieux Beauharnois

$$$ | (450) 288-0450 | Website

Bar Vieux Beauharnois

Looking for a fine dining experience without the fine dining cost? You can book a reservation for a night in a comfortable and warm atmosphere, sip on some drinks and bite into some hearty pub-style food.

The staff is super friendly and welcoming, and the service is prompt. All your needs will be met, leaving you to enjoy the rest and relaxation you want from a night out. There is also a lovely patio area for the warmer months.


9. Restaurant L’Étoile

$$ | (450) 429-6299 | Website

Restaurant L'Étoile

Craving good souvlaki? Look no further than Restaurant L’Étoile. They also have a wide assortment of other menu options, including pizza, sandwiches, salads, pasta, gyros and poutine. There is sure to be something for everyone at a great price point and large portions.

Restaurant L’Étoile is located just minutes from the waterfront with shopping and other food and cafe options. This is a great stop for any meal of the day and the old-style family-run atmosphere is very welcoming. The staff is as delightful as the food too.


10. O’Dano Pub gourmand

$$ | (450) 225-3223 | Website

O'Dano Pub gourmand

Are you a big fan of pub burgers with a sporty atmosphere mixed with a steakhouse vibe? This is not your typical fried pub food fare. The varied menu of O’Dano Pub will be sure to satisfy your needs with their wonderful local game meat selection and delicious house-made coleslaw served with the burgers. The portions are good, not too big or small, and the prices are decent for the quality of the food.

The warm decor and friendly staff will leave you feeling glad you stopped in for a visit, while the delicious food makes your tummy happy.

One menu item that should be tried, without question, is the bison tartare.


11. Café – Crémerie J’en veux

$ | (450) 225-3883 | Website

Café - Crémerie J’en veux

Café – Crémerie J’en veux is a delightful little cafe that serves great coffee, bubble tea, ice cream, pastries and other lunch type items such as macaroni salad, chillie, and soups at a very reasonable price. This is a fantastic stop for a treat or for your morning coffee requirements.

You can see the love the owner has for their job in everything from the decor to the artwork that goes into everything they make. The ice cream cones are some of the best you will ever have anywhere, guaranteed.


12. Théo Poulet BBQ – Empanadas

$$ | (450) 395-3777 | Website

Théo Poulet BBQ - Empanadas

Théo Poulet BBQ – Empanadas has some great Argentinian food, especially empanadas. The grilled bbq chicken is always a great choice here too, and after you’ve had your fill of mouth-watering food, top off the experience with some made from scratch churros.

Be sure to try the house-made cabbage salad as well. It’s a real treat. Great portions at great prices.


13. Restaurant Terrasse Du Lac

$$ | (450) 429-7989  | Website

Restaurant Terrasse Du Lac

Looking to have breakfast or brunch? Restaurant Terrasse Du Lac has a great selection to squash that morning hunger at a great price and with fantastic food. From crepes to the traditional bacon & eggs and more, this place has all your favorite breakfast & brunch options.

One of the must-try offerings is the daily breakfast special. Here’s an example of what it offers: two eggs, potatoes, ham, bacon, toast with apple spread and cretons (pork spread with onion & spices). Top it off with some great coffee and your dining experience will be complete.

There is a lunch menu as well, but it’s pretty standard fare in comparison.

This place has that small-town charm that you would expect to find more in the countryside than on the edge of a big city like Montreal.


14. Sushi Shop

$$ | (450) 225-0849 | Website

Sushi Shop

This one is a twofold unique stop. Fresh made bubble tea and a huge menu of sushi options make this a sure bet for that day when you want something a little lighter but unique. Sure, sushi isn’t exactly rare these days, but good sushi is.

The staff at the Sushi Shop put a lot of care and attention into the sushi and bubble teas that they make, and the prices are great. Flavorful pairings put it over the top and if you ask for a recommendation on which bubble tea to pair with your sushi, you will not be disappointed.

There are also the crispy rolls and poke bowls to swap things up if you don’t want sushi by itself. They also have some really nice vegetarian options too.


15. Les Marmitons

$ | (450) 225-5700 | Website

Les Marmitons

Les Marmitons at a glance would have you thinking that it is just another hole in the wale mish mash food stop. Once you walk through the doors and are greeted with a smile, the country vibe of the decor and the terrace grab you and pull you in.

Then the food arrives and blows you away. This is a greasy spoon dinner with home cooked food at its best and there is no shortage of offerings to go around. Every craving has a menu option, it seems, but one thing that everyone agrees on, this place has the best hot dogs around. Try the all dressed, 1-foot hot dog. It’s a thing of beauty!

They have a variety of ready-to-eat frozen meals for a discounted price as well for anyone wanting to get their next meal to go.


In conclusion

Beauharnois has a small town charm to it and plenty of great places to eat in between taking in the local shopping and historic buildings or taking a tour into its past. It has become quite a diverse melting pot of cultures over the years with all of the transient workers moving into the area for work when the hydroelectric project was built in the 1950s and completed in 1961, which led to a great mix of food cultures as is still seen growing in the city today.

The variety of tasty food to explore and devour across the city will leave you having to make careful choices for your visit, as there are more options than you can probably fit into one trip. Hopefully, this list of 15 of the best restaurants in Beauharnois is a blessing to your taste buds.

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