17 Best Restaurants in Hamilton, ON [2022 Updated]

When you’re in Hamilton, ON, you have plenty of restaurants to choose from. However, how do you know that you’re getting the best meal for your money? Before making any travel or dinner plans, take a look through this list. Here, you’ll find some of the best restaurants in Hamilton.

1. The Ship

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If you’re looking for a chilled-out environment where you can enjoy craft beers and healthy portion sizes, get down to The Ship in Hamilton. The Ship is a tavern that specializes in craft beers, meaning there is always something unique to try on the menu.

Check out the Big Salads, which live up to their name with plenty of delicious ingredients like smoked bacon and poached pears. Or pair up a gourmet burger with one of their many craft beers. The Big Smoke burger has smoked provolone and a smoky mayo sauce that will make you feel like you’re enjoying it in the great outdoors.


2. Brothers Grimm Bistro

$$$ | 905-393-1284 | Website

For a taste of Europe right here in Canada, get over to the Brothers Grimm Bistro. This European-inspired restaurant focuses on fresh, beautifully-crafted meals and drinks. For a starter, consider the Venetian Baccala on Crostini with its salted cod topping.

The restaurant offers wine pairings for each of their menu offerings, ensuring that you can match your meal together in a way that offers the best possible experience. While the menu may be inspired by Europe, don’t miss out on their poutine options. Wild Game Poutine and Duck Confit Poutine bring the traditional Canadian treat up a level.


3. La Piazza Allegra

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La Piazza Allegra offers sophisticated Italian food at affordable prices. The dark wood interior accents and well-lit interior are comfortable for relaxing with friends or feeding your family. Enjoy familiar Italian meals like the Cappelletti, with its juicy chunks of crab in a cream sauce.

Or, if you aren’t in the mood for pasta, try the Osso Bucco, which is served with creamy risotto and fresh seasonal vegetables. Whether you want a full meal or a snack to go with your glass of wine, La Piazza Allegra has what you need.


4. The Mule

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For a fun, festive atmosphere filled with good drinks and delicious tacos, you’ll want to go to The Mule in Hamilton. The mule is trendy and colorful, with Mexican-inspired decor that will make you feel at ease as soon as you walk in.

The highlight is the enormous drink menu, filled with exciting options. If you’re unsure what to get, consider the whiskey and tequila flights so that you can sample a little of everything. For meals, the menu is simply divided into cheeky “Tacos” and “Not Tacos”. But in both sections, you can find filling, fantastic meals.


5. Aberdeen Tavern

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Located in a historical bank building, this restaurant has plenty of class. Enjoy the elegant atmosphere as you explore the menu of upscale options. The chef emphasizes sustainable food and working with local farmers, so you’re sure to get the freshest, highest-quality ingredients in every meal.

Aberdeen Tavern serves brunch and dinner. For brunch, you get two courses, selecting something from both the Apps and Mains menu. Meanwhile, the dinner menu has outstanding entrees like the Scallop Risotto with saffron and the down-to-earth Aberdeen Burger.


6. Charred Rotisserie House

$$ | 289-396-0662 | Website

With its trendy industrial decor and friendly staff, Charred Rotisserie House is ideal for both takeaway and a night out. The menu is primarily designed around their delicious chicken, with options like the Charred Sandwich with pulled chicken or the various chicken plates.

For sides, make sure you try the poutine, as well as the fresh salads. For those who don’t want chicken, there are a couple of options available. The Grilled Veggie Wrapped is stuffed full of delicious vegetables, while the Brisket Sandwich contains pulled, slow-cooked brisket.


7. Basilique

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Basilique serves authentic Mediterranean food made with only the freshest and best-quality ingredients. The menu features gourmet pizzas, thick subs, and plenty of fries and poutine to go with them. For those who are looking for healthier options, Basilique has you covered with their fresh salads and nourishing power bowls.

Try the Vegan Power Bowl for some plant-based goodness for your body. If you’re feeling like indulging, the Chicken Shawarma Poutine Bowl is stacked high with delicious toppings like Chicken Shawarma, cheese curds, tomato, and gravy.


8. The Brown Barrel Eatery

$$ | 905-575-4606 | Website

The Brown Barrel Eatery

If you want good food and entertainment in a laid-back setting, go to The Brown Barrel Eatery. For those looking for takeout, the restaurant offers their pizza and wings in catering sizes, providing 24 slices and a hundred wings in their provided selections.

If you’re looking to stay for a beer, you have plenty of options. Enjoy a new brew while you try the appetizers. Go with the nachos to share, or check out the Buffalo chicken flatbread.


9. Synonym

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For good food and hip vibes, go get some brunch at Synonym. This cafe/ wine bar/ bookstore is filled with things to discover. Enjoy a drink from their espresso bar, with highlights like the tropical Tahini Latte or the cold pressed juice options.

If you’re looking for something stronger, try one of the beers on tap from craft breweries. Everything is fresh and unique. While many of the menu options are cafe staples, Synonym takes them to a whole new level.


10. XXX Burrito

$| 289-389-4999 | Website

XXX Burrito

Looking to spice things up? XXX Burrito not only has a menu filled with Mexican goodies all made from scratch, but they also carry a wide range of hot sauces. So whether you’re looking for something spicy-sweet or are trying to set your meal on fire, this place has you covered.

The menu offers burritos, quesadillas, and tacos. However, there are plenty of options to customize them in exciting ways. Try the Chicken Quesadilla, then add some XXXXtreme hot sauce!


11. Mr. Grande Pizza

$ | 905-388-5757 | Website

Mr. Grande Pizza

With hand-tossed dough and cheese that is carefully chosen from Canadian dairy farmers, Mr. Grande gives the casual pizza night an added dose of flavor. They’ve got everything you need for your pizza party, with a wide range of toppings and plenty of sides.

For your pizza, the standard cheese pizza is delicious. However, you can’t miss the Philly steak or fresh garlic toppings. For your sides, consider the chicken wing packages, where you can buy enough wings no matter how big of a crowd you have.


12. Hamilton Dabbawala

$$ | 819-209-9358 | Website

Hamilton Dabbawala can help you whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or regular catering for your home or office. They offer both a full pizza menu and a full Indian cuisine menu, allowing you to mix and match whatever you’re craving at the moment.

For students and young working professionals, they also offer tiffin service, where you can sign up to have fresh, delicious meals delivered right to you.


13. Quatrefoil

$$$$ | 905-628-7800 | Website

Quatrefoil is the perfect place to experience fine French cuisine in Ontario. The menu is simple and elegant, providing two courses, plus dessert and wine. The starters are elegantly presented and quietly delicious, with the highlight being the Sea Scallops.

For the second course, you can’t go wrong with the Quebec Duck Breast, which is served with fiddleheads. The menu changes regularly, so be sure to check what is available before you go. Quatrefoil is ideal for celebrating special occasions with loved ones.


14. Berkeley North

$$$ | 905-522-5858  | Website

Berkley North focuses on handcrafted cocktails and a menu that caters to all different needs. If you’re vegetarian, vegan, or have food allergies, you’ll find a welcoming environment here. If you come for dinner, try the Truffle and Mushroom Gnocchi, a warming pasta dish filled with savory truffles and breadcrumbs.

Or consider the Glazed Duck, an apricot-glazed duck dish served with braised red cabbage. The staff is very welcoming and thorough, making sure to provide each guest with the best possible experience.


15. Banana Leaf Asian Cuisine

$$ | 905-662-5557 | Website

Banana Leaf Asian Cuisine

For high-quality food from several Asian cuisines, go to Banana Leaf Asian Cuisine. The menu is large and has options for everyone, regardless of your budget.

If you want to keep it simple, check out the Pad Thai or the Curry Fried Rice, both of which are fresh and delicious, made with authentic seasonings. If you like it spicy, try the Szechuan Shrimp Stir-Fry with juicy shrimp and assorted vegetables.


16. Memphis Fire Barbeque Company

$$ | 905-930-7675 | Website

Experience the heat of the American South with the menu here. With barbeque brisket and pork inspiring the menu, the food is delicious and filling. For meat-lovers, there is plenty to choose from.

Get a Classic Coney Dog loaded with onions and chili. Or try one of their crispy fried chicken sandwiches. For sides, don’t miss the Smoky Potato chips. Or get an order of poutine to finish out your meal.


17. Radius

$$$ | 905-393-1658 | Website

Radius emphasizes the local, getting their products from farms as close to the restaurant as possible. Not only does this make for sustainable business practices, but it also leads to a fresher, more delicious result. The food is trendy and upscale with raw oysters and small plates for those who want something small to eat with their wine.

However, if you’re looking for a full meal, there’s plenty here for you as well. Try the Filet Mignon served with fantastic sides like their wilted spinach. Or, go for the Kuterra Salmon, which is cooked to perfection with the perfect combination of herbs. Brunch is also served at Radius. Try the raw oysters here as well, or keep things sweet with their Bananas Foster Pancakes.



Hamilton is filled with restaurants, but how do you know which are the best? The places listed above are some of the best restaurants in Hamilton, with a range of budgets and cuisines considered. As you plan your next trip or date night, keep these options in mind. You just might find your new favorite place to eat!

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