18 Best Restaurants in Mississauga, ON [2022 Updated]

Visiting Mississauga and feeling hungry? Or a local looking for something new? Well, you’re in luck, because you’ve found your answer. This is THE definitive list of the best restaurants in Mississauga. And if you like what you see, you can find it easily because all the addresses and websites are included. Ready to find some good food? Keep reading….

1. The Maharaja

$$$$ | 905-507-2444 |Website


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A lot of the Indian restaurants around Mississauga use Punjabi recipes. As delicious as those recipes are, it’s always nice to try something different. The Maharaja uses traditional Indian recipes for all of its dishes. They are colorful, crisp, and tasty.

They look beautiful too! With their huge menu, there’s always plenty to choose from. They have veggie, vegan, gluten-free, and halal options, so there’s something for everyone! To top it all off, the staff are helpful and friendly too.


2. Goodfellas Wood Oven Pizza

$$ -$$$ | 855-433-5527 |Website

Goodfellas is the home of Neapolitan-style wood-fired oven pizzas. Coming here will make you feel like you’re in Italy, with the full, rustic, backyard experience. There’s a great selection of pizzas from Romano to Siciliano to Napoletana.

And what Italian experience would be complete without coffee? The coffee selection here is almost as extensive as their pizza selection. And they do proper Italian espressos. You get them fast, and you drink them fast!


3. Lionheart British Pub and Restaurant

$$ -$$$ | 905-824-6669 |Website

Lionheart pub really lives up to its name. Its staff is heroes. They will do whatever they can to make sure that your visit is enjoyable. They’re also concerned for your safety, so they’ve kept up all of the COVID-19 safety measures to enjoy your visit without any consequences.

On top of that, it has all of the warmth, friendliness, and food and drink of a traditional British pub. There are even comedy and music nights, so it’s never boring here!


4. Piatto Bistro

$$$$ | 905-896-9111 |Website


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Do you want some comfort food with a fancy twist? Well, Piatto Bistro is the way to go! They’ve got tasty little treats like Mediterranean salads, pasta, and meat dishes.

It’s no wonder that locals have called this ‘the best food money can buy!’ And if that’s not enough, they’ve opened their outdoor patio. We’ve all had plenty of al-desko meals over the last couple of years. I think we’ve all earned a little al-fresco treat.


5. Lavinia Restaurant

$$ -$$$ | 647-748-2350 |Website

Lavinia Restaurant

The staff is so special here, people on TripAdvisor mention them by name. They go the extra mile to make everyone feel welcome. They’ll check on you regularly to make sure that you can get what you want.

They don’t just say ‘Hi’. They’ll have a conversation and get to know you. The food is special too. They make a delicate and flavourful cured salmon and real treats like a braised octopus. If you come here, it won’t be long until you come back.


6. Clarkson Mediterranean Bistro

$$ -$$$ | 905-916-2283 |Website


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Some locals have called this the best Italian food outside of Rome. When you try it, you’ll see why. The seafood pasta, veal limone, and veal marsala are to die for. People have said that they would drive miles to return here, the food is that good.

The dining room can be a little dark, but there’s outside seating. And the darkness of the dining room is made up for by the helpfulness of the staff. They’ll go above and beyond to give you the best service they can.


7. Fired Up!

$$ -$$$ | 905-990-3473 |Website


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Not only is there delicious food available here, but there’s also plenty of entertainment. There are comedy nights, Latin American music nights… the works. Pair that with the gorgeous barbecue food, and you’re guaranteed an exciting evening.

Of course, there are plenty of classic barbecue dishes available, like chicken and ribs, but there are also vegetarian options on offer. That means there’s something for everyone to make your meal really special.


8. Apricot Tree Cafe

$$-$$$ | 905-855-1470 |Website


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Have you ever been sitting in a restaurant and wondered what’s actually going on in the kitchen? Are they really cooking your food fresh, or are they just putting it in the microwave? Well, at Apricot Tree Cafe, you don’t have that.

The kitchen is open and visible to all diners. You can see that everything is cooked freshly, in a nice, clean kitchen. They’re open for every meal and have options for everyone. You can even sit outside on their patio if you’d like to sit in the sun.


9. Peter’s on Eglinton

$$-$$$ | 905-624-1995 |Website

You will never leave this place hungry. The portions are fantastic for the price. There’s always enough for everyone and plenty of choices too. The decor of the place is reminiscent of another era. There’s a huge chandelier that sets a fun and bright atmosphere in the place.

A true diner. It’s such a friendly place that the turnover of staff is quite low. Many of the servers have been there for years, commuting from far away to do a job that they love. If you haven’t tried this Mississauga classic, you probably should.


10. Twin Fish

$$-$$$ | 905-670-2395 |Website


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A Thai surprise in the middle of Mississauga. It’s full of dishes that you would expect to find on the other side of the Pacific. There are all sorts of dishes, from Pad Thai to mango salad, to crepes.

There are even gluten-free and vegan options. One thing to bear in mind is that the portions are really filling. It might help to share with your dinner partner if you’re planning on more than one course!


11. Union Social Eatery

$$-$$$ | 905-814-1234 |Website


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For plenty of locals, this is a regular haunt. People have been known to come back here several times a week. It’s a great place to go after a day at the gym, for a good feed. Or you could go on a special occasion.

There is so much to choose from, and it’s all so filling; crispy potatoes, eggs exactly how you like them, or steaks that are cooked to order. Every time you go back, the Union Social Eatery will keep the same standards.


12. Ristorante Alioli

$$$$ | 905-281-1122 |Website


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Ristorante Alioli is said to be one of the finest restaurants in Mississauga. The food is excellent. The menu is full of authentic Sicilian dishes. There are always plenty of good options on the “Specials” menu.

The wine selection is also exceptional. With all that in mind, you would be surprised to learn that it doesn’t pretend to be anything more than it is; a good place for food and service. It’s a great stop for a relaxed date, or a meal out with friends.


13. Raw Aura Organic Cuisine

$$ -$$$ | 905-891-2872 |Website

There are plenty of people in the area that have been coming here for years. There really is plenty on the menu to keep you coming back, from the bursting burrito to the chocolate avocado cake.

People are often surprised that everything on the menu is raw because it all tastes so good. They also offer an organic food box to have the  Raw Aura experience at home. If you come here, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


14.  Chop Steakhouse and Bar

$$ – $$$ | 905-812-2467 |Website

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a small group, or a big party, Chop will still provide the same service. You’ll be made to feel at home by one of their many servers. The team is very friendly, and they’ll bring the night alive with their stories and jokes.

You can even go at any time of the day. They make cooked dinners for the evening, but they’ll also serve sandwiches for lunch.  Overall, they’re a very adaptable restaurant, ready to make your trip the best one they can.


15. La Castile Steak and Seafood

$$$$ | 905-625-1137 |Website

The setting is absolutely stunning. When you think of fine dining, this place is exactly what comes to mind. Lots of wood-paneling and chandeliers. This is an old, classic steak and seafood restaurant.

The atmosphere and service are enough to keep people coming back, let alone the food. Plenty of people come here and rave to their friends about it afterward. Bear in mind that the prices are as high-end as the atmosphere, but for an occasional treat, it really is worth it.


16. Grando Ristorante

$$- $$$ | 905-276-1234 |Website


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Plenty of people have said that it’s like being in Italy in Grando Ristorante. The service is just as friendly and welcoming as you would expect from a proper Italian restaurant. You’re made to feel like a close friend of the family.

Now let’s get to the food. It’s delicious. You can get all sorts of classics, like veal Picasso and gnocchi gorgonzola. There’s also a huge selection of desserts, including crepes with strawberries and cream. With vegetarian and gluten-free options, Grando Ristorante really is a place where everyone is welcome.


17. Michael’s Back Door Restaurant

$$$$ | 905-822-5751 |Website

This place has everything; champagne, shrimp cocktails, dinners, desserts. It’s the perfect place for a party, and plenty of people swear by Michael’s. They’ll help you have the best party possible.

In spite of the upmarket menu, the staff is really down-to-earth and friendly. On top of that, the prices are reasonable, especially if you’re having a big party. The best menu recommendation is the cheesecake; it’s light as a feather.


18. Capra’s Kitchen

$$-$$$ | 905-916-1834 |Website


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You can really taste the freshness in the ingredients. On top of that, the food’s delicious. And the service is enough to compete with the food. They’re always well-staffed and well-coordinated. You won’t be left waiting to be served here.

With a wide selection of menu items and generous portions, you won’t go hungry, leaving Capra’s. The hummus and fresh bread come highly recommended. They’re a great starter for the rack of lamb, or as a simple snack.



So that’s it: the 18 best restaurants in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Eating out in this city is like traveling the world. There are so many restaurants that are like little pockets of different countries, from Italy to Thailand to Greece. There are also plenty of options for every diet, so there’s something to suit everyone in Mississauga.

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