17 Best Restaurants in Kitchener, ON [2022 Updated]

Whether you live in Kitchener or are just visiting, you’ll need to eat. And you’ll want to find the best food options available to you. Here are some of the best restaurants in Kitchener. There is a range of restaurants for all different budgets and cuisines. However, they are all worth the trip.

Golf’s Steak House

$$ | 519-579-4050 | Website

Golf’s Steak House

For equally fantastic food and atmosphere, Golf’s Steak House is a great option. Their four-season atrium allows you to eat among gorgeous greenery no matter what the weather is like outside. Their dinner menu is traditional, revolving around the range of steak options.

Try the signature Roast Prime Rib of Beef that’s served with soup, salad, your choice of potato, and the daily vegetable. Or go for one of their other options, like the juicy Char-Broiled Chicken Breast. The children’s menu echoes the adult menu, with steak and schnitzel options for the little ones.


TWH Social Bar & Bistro

$$ | 519-745-8478 | Website

This sleek restaurant is located in the Walper Hotel, but is open to the public. Join them for a weekend brunch, where the highlights include the Nutella French Toast with house-made Nutella. Or go savory with Eggs Benedict.

Lunch and dinner are also available for eat-in or takeout. The menu is locally-inspired, with changes made each season. So take advantage of whichever season you’re in Kitchener and enjoy a high-quality, fresh meal.


Del’s Italian Kitchen

$$ | 519-893-2911 | Website


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Del’s has familiar Italian food brought to another level with fresh, local ingredients and handmade quality. The menu is extensive, with a large section of vegetarian and vegan options. The highlights there include the Funghi Crostini, which has mushrooms on homemade bread, along with a delicious tomato jam.

If you want a hearty meal, try the fresh pasta options. They have hand-rolled cannelloni filled with your choice of vegetarian, bolognese, or seafood fillings. Del’s also caters, so keep them in mind for parties and work events.


The Guanaquita

$$ | 519-576-4322 | Website

For authentic Salvadorean food, you need to go to The Guanaquita. The food is cheap, with large portion sizes. The restaurant’s specialty is Salvadorian pupusas, which are available with several different fillings.

For a filling vegetarian option, choose the zucchini and cheese filling. They also have an entire menu of traditional foods from El Salvador, including some that aren’t as well known in Canada. While there are a lot of meat options, they also offer a fantastic vegan platter.


Veslo Family Restaurant

$$ | 519-744-9292 | Website

Veslo Family Restaurant

Velso Family Restaurant provides solid European meals for a reasonable price. The entrees are sturdy and filling, yet full of flavor. Check out the Hunter Schnitzel, which has a perfectly fried pork patty smothered in gravy and mushrooms. Or, try the Chevapi, a traditional Serbian dish.

If you can’t decide which to get, Velso offers combination plates as well. These can let you sample something new that might become your favorite dish. They also offer an assortment of alcoholic drinks, among which the plumb brandy really stands out.


Chopan Kabob Restaurant

$$ | 519-954-5144 | Website


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If you’re craving a kabob, this is the perfect place to get it. Chopan Kabob serves traditional Afghani, Pakistani, and Indian food in a simple, welcoming environment. The Tikka Kabob uses flavorful Indian spices on luscious pieces of grilled chicken.

Together with the rice and salad, this is the perfect comforting meal when you’re busy. If you want something a bit more complex, consider the Goat Curry Masala to warm you up. And whatever you do, don’t forget to get some baklava for dessert!


The Grand Trunk Saloon

$$ | 519-578-8282 | Website


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The Grand Trunk Saloon is a hip, comfortable place that specializes in Southern American food and cocktails. Go there for dinner or to check out one of the many live bands that play regularly. For food, you can’t beat the Big Plates. The Bacon Mac and Cheese is thick and creamy, filled with jalapenos and big chunks of bacon.

If you want to make it even more decadent, they give you the option to add lobster as well. You can also get six pieces of their crunchy buttermilk fried chicken to enjoy by yourself or with another person.


Moose Winooski’s

$$ | 519-653-9660 | Website


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If you’re going to Moose Winooski’s, make sure that you get a seat on their patio. This peaceful, greenery-filled area is perfect for a beautiful day. While you’re there, try some of the appetizers. The highlights include the classic poutine, as well as homemade guacamole.

The meals are what you would expect at a trendy, yet fun place like this: thick burgers, plenty of wings, and steak from Ontario-raised cattle. Enjoy a drink or a full meal in a fun, relaxing environment.


Three Kretans

$$ | 519-576-9091 | Website


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Go to Three Kretans for delicious homestyle Greek cooking. It is family-owned and operated and the staff makes you feel just like part of that family with their warmth and hospitality. One of the highlights is their specialty meal, “It’s All Greek to Me” Dinner for Two.

This enormous service includes two courses. First up is the silky avgolemono soup. Then you get to sample an assortment of Greek meals, finishing up with a delicious homemade dessert.


Bangkok Cuisine

$$ | 519-748-7676  | Website

Bangkok Cuisine

Bangkok Cuisine is perfect for anyone who wants fresh, delicious Thai food at a good price. If you’re looking for a snack, try the Crispy Rolls, which are filled with nourishing vegetables inside of a crunchy rice paper wrapper.

For meals, there is a wide menu to choose from. The Thai Peanut Noodles are popular, with sprouts and green onions in a coconut Thai peanut sauce. You can also get traditional meals like Pad Pak with stir-fried vegetables. The food is all made with high-quality ingredients and authentic Thai spices, making for a pleasant dining experience.


The Bent Elbow

$$| 519-208-0202 | Website

The Bent Elbow is a bit of a hidden gem, tucked away inside of a strip mall. However, its wide range of craft beers and homemade foods makes it well worth the trip. They have desserts made with beer as the main ingredient, like stout brownies and beer ice cream.

These unexpected treats are delicious and fit comfortably into the theme of the restaurant. While the food is great, the beer selection is unbeatable. So take advantage of the knowledgeable staff and explore some new brews.


The Rich Uncle Tavern

$$ | 519-208-8555 | Website

The Rich Uncle is a warm, welcoming place where anyone can enjoy a handcrafted beverage and a meal. If you’re dining with a group, consider one of their many appetizers. The Ploughman Board had an assortment of meats, cheeses, and pickles that are perfect to have with a beer.

Also consider the Seasonal Flat Bread, which changes with the seasons and the market. For individual entrees, try the Fish and Chips, with fresh haddock, chips, and cabbage slaw. This classic meal is brought up a notch by the high-quality ingredients The Rich Uncle insists upon.


Charcoal Steak House

$$$ | 519-893-6570 | Website

Charcoal Steak House is the kind of place you can take the whole family on a special occasion. Not only do they have fantastic steaks and a wide selection of good wines, but they also offer a kids’ menu for the youngest visitors.

Your little one can have their own ribs or cheeseburger as you enjoy the more adult fare. For starters, consider the East Coast Oysters, which come in a half-shell. Or maybe get an order of Parisian Cheese Toast for the whole table. When it comes to entrees, the steaks have it. If you’re feeling decadent, get the Australian MB8 Wagyu Steak from their steak menu.


Graffiti Market

$$ | 519-514-1820 | Website


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Graffiti Market is all about art. They bring this creativity to their menu, with unique selections like the tangy Baby Yoda martini and the loaded Nacho Nacho Man that can be made vegetarian or not.

The atmosphere is chill and trendy, with a friendly staff and cool decor. If you’re really hungry or dining with a group, try the Detroit-style pizzas. These square pies with thick crusts can be piled up with the toppings of your choice. Graffiti Market will put you in a good mood, so go there to have some fun.


Country Boy Family Restaurant

$ | 519-893-2120 | Website

If you want cheap, delicious American food, you can get it for dine-in or takeout at the Country Boy Family Restaurant. This casual eatery serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with large menus for every meal.

The top choice for breakfast is the fluffy chocolate chip pancakes, while the lunch winner has to be the patty melt. The dinner menu has the Wiener Schnitzel as a local favorite and it is one to try, with a lightly breaded pork cutlet served with sauerkraut and applesauce.


Casa Rugantino

$$ | 519-744-9081 | Website


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Casa Rugatino serves homestyle Italian food in a casual atmosphere. However, this doesn’t mean the food is ordinary. The homemade ingredients and careful attention to detail bring the menu up to another level, whether you get the food for dine-in or takeout.

If you’re eating in, try the Eggplant Parmigiana, which comes with a salad and a side of meat sauce. For something a little different, pick up one of their pizza kits to bring home. Then you can make your own version of their delicious pizzas right in your kitchen.


Cafe Pyrus

$$ | 519-954-7705 | Website


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At Cafe Pyrus, the whole menu is vegan by default. They have a wide variety of light foods available on their menu, so you’ll find something for a snack or a whole meal. Check out their cinnamon buns, which are baked from scratch. Or, if you’re hungry, try The Big Bang. This sandwich comes with spicy, crispy tofu and multiple toppings, all doused in a spicy aioli and hot sauce.



When you decide to eat in Kitchener, there are so many places to choose from. However, not all of them can be the best. When you’re looking for the best restaurants in Kitchener, you need to consider all sorts of cuisines and price points. Next time you’re hungry, try out something from this list!

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