15 Best Restaurants in Vaughan, ON [2022 Updated]

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada is a city that is located just north of Toronto. Vaughn is just as popular as Toronto is in its own way, and Vaughn has its fair share of history as well as fun things to do. While spending time in Vaughn, you will want to check out some of its most notable restaurants. Here is an overview of the 15 best restaurants in Vaughn, Ontario, Canada.

Farro Ristorante

$$ | 905-832-0650 | WEBSITE


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If you’re looking to have a fancy meal out at a relatively affordable price, then Farro Ristorante is a great place to dine at. It doesn’t matter if you have a gluten intolerance, are vegan or vegetarian, Farro has something delectable for you.

Farro’s menu is full of many delectable dishes, like Grilled Calamari with Lemon Greek Dressing & Mango Chili Salsa, Calamari Fritti- lightly dusted with seasoned spelled flour served with an arugula dipping sauce, and Marinated Beef Carpaccio with Arugula, Truffle Oil and Parmigiano Slivers. Don’t forget Red Velvet 3 Layer Cake or Creme Brulee for dessert!


The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

$$$ | 905-417-3570 | WEBSITE

If you’re looking to have more of an extravagant meal while visiting Vaughn, then the Keg Steakhouse & Bar may be for you. You will enjoy delicious meals like Blackened Chicken Oscar, Baked Ling Cod, Lobster Tail Dinner, Prime Rib and much more.

You can also enjoy the best desserts, as well, like Billy Miner Pie, Brownie Sundae, and Mini Fudge Brownie. Of course, you’ll have to pair the best wine, beer or fancy cocktail with your meal, which will further enhance the overall flavor. Reserve your table today for your upcoming special night in Vaughn.


Baton Rouge Steakhouse & Bar

$$$ | 905-265-8471 | WEBSITE

This is another fancy steakhouse that you should check out while in Vaughn. Not only will you love the food and the atmosphere, but you will also love the wait staff who pride themselves on catering to all their customers.

Baton Rouge Steakhouse & Bar offers melt-in-your-mouth dishes like Bavette Beef Bites, Ribs & Jumbo Black Tiger Shrimp, Prime Rib, and a great deal more. Desserts include: Carrot Cake, Chocolate Cake, White Chocolate Raspberry Cheese Cake, and more. Don’t forget to make your reservations to ensure seating is available for your special night.


Nove Ristorante

$$ | 905-850-5444 | WEBSITE


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If you’d like to enjoy scrumptious Italian food in a luxurious environment without going broke, then you should dine at Nove Ristorante. Salmone, Vitello, and Agnello and just some of the wonderful meals that you can choose from at Nove Ristorante.

Don’t forget to make reservations in advance, which must be made by calling the restaurant, as they can’t be made online. If you ever plan on having a fancy party off-site, you can opt to have Nove Ristorante provide catering for you, as they have an extensive catering menu, which includes Rice Balls, Lasagne with meat, Pizze, and much more.



$$$ | 289-597-8867 | WEBSITE


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If you and your special person are looking for a place to enjoy fine dining, then you will love Frilu, which is a “tasting” restaurant, which includes smaller portions of various courses.

The menu changes frequently at Frilu, so you must contact them to find out what is on the menu when you call to make your reservations. Regardless of what’s on the menu, chances are you’ll absolutely love their food, as people are always raving about it.


Hub Sushi Fushion Japanese Restaurant

$$ | 905-597-1112 | WEBSITE


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If you enjoy sushi and other Japanese cuisine, then you will definitely love Hub Sushi Fushion Japanese Restaurant. If sushi’s not your thing, you can choose from many other delectable dishes at Hub Sushi Fushion, like Spicy Deep Fried Tuna, Beef or Chicken Teriaki, and much more.

You will love the ambiance at this lovely restaurant, and the wait staff is very friendly and attentive. Don’t forget to make reservations ahead of time.


A & W Canada

$ | 905-417-5571 | WEBSITE


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If you’re looking for a cheap, yet delicious carryout meal, A & W offers burgers, fries, shakes and more. If you want to dine in the dining room, there is certainly the possibility of doing so.

A & W offers various burgers, chicken, combos, root beer brews, kid’s meals and even breakfast. You certainly can’t go wrong by opting to eat at A & W, because they have good, old-fashioned comfort food at affordable prices.


Tropical Island Caribbean Restaurant

$$ | 905-850-2211 | WEBSITE

If you’re looking for Caribbean food, the Tropical Island is for you, and at a reasonable cost. You can choose from authentic dishes like, Jerk Chicken, Curry Goat, Oxtail, Fried Chicken, BBQ Chicken, and much more.

Every meal comes with steamed rice or rice-n-peas, and you can choose from other menu items, sides, chef’s specials, and more. The restaurant has a real Caribbean feel, and people love the food. There’s no need to make reservations, which many people appreciate.


Tre Vigne Restaurant

$$ | 905-738-7566 | WEBSITE


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Tre Vigne Restaurant has been open since the 80s, and they offer lunch, dinner as well as catering at the location of your choice. At Tre Vigne, you can enjoy dishes like Grilled French Cut Veal Chop, Chicken Ripienio Grilled Veal or Chicken and a great deal more.

Tre Vigne offers weekday catering with free delivery, if your place of employment is having an office party of some sort. You can find coupons on their website, which can help you save money on your meal.


Pho T & T

$ | 905-669-1852 | WEBSITE


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If you’re looking for inexpensive yet delicious Vietnamese food, then Pho T & T is for you. While their dining room is currently closed, you can still get scrumptious fast food from Pho T & T.

Whether you’re looking for something rice-based, noodles-based, or with fish, chicken, beef, port or shrimp, Pho T & T has it all. To place your order, simply give them a call, and they will have your delicious food ready in no time.


Giorgio D Restaurant

$$$ | 905-660-3600 | WEBSITE

If you’re looking for a special place to enjoy some delicious Italian food, then Giorgio D just might be for you. They offer an Italian hot table as well as a full-service restaurant, and you and your party can dine in or plan a special gathering in one of the restaurant’s private rooms.

You will enjoy Fettucine with fresh Atlantic Salmon, Beef Short Ribs, and so much more at this popular Italian restaurant.


Arroy Thai Restaurant

$$ | 905-760-1110 | WEBSITE

If you’re craving some authentic Thai food, then you should give Arroy Thai a try, where you can dine in, get takeout or opt for delivery. At Arroy, you will enjoy authentic dishes like Holy Basil Stir-Fried Vegetables, Chicken or Beef, Oyster Beef, Grilled Beef, and much more.

They also have many beverages to choose from, including beer, milkshakes, as well dessert, all for relatively cheap prices.


Yiddishe Mame

$$ | 416-564-7447 | WEBSITE


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Yiddishe Mame offers traditional Eastern European and Jewish cuisine, and they have a very inviting atmosphere with friendly and attentive staff. Yiddishe Mame also offers daily lunch specials, and you can easily make reservations for parties and other special events. Give them a call today to make your reservations so you can enjoy some delicious ethnic food in an inviting and festive environment.


Marcellos Pizzeria

$$ | 905-532-0184 | WEBSITE

If you’re in the mood for some pizza or pasta, then you should check out Marcellos Pizzeria. Make your reservations today so you can enjoy numerous types of pizzas, pasta like Rigatoni Fantasia, Linguini di Mare, salads like Burrata and desserts at Marcellos.

Marcellos’ menu is so extensive and everything smells and looks so delicious that you will likely have a hard time deciding what to order. Their pizzas are baked in a special pizza oven for a taste so delectable that you will want to eat there every time you’re in the area.


Me Va Me

$$ | 905-417-5676 | WEBSITE

Me Va Me

If you’re looking for some delicious and authentic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food, then Me Va Me is a great choice. You can choose from various types of salads, Falafel, Chicken Shawarma, and so much more, which you can obtain quickly via their express takeout service.

Me Va Me also offers catering for your special celebrations and events, so give them a call today to plan yours. There is no need to call ahead if you’re simply purchasing a meal.



As you can see, the 15 best restaurants in Vaughn, Ontario, Canada all sound so scrumptious that it makes you want to dine at them all. Perhaps you can, if you’re there long enough, but if not, surely you can choose the absolute best ones to enjoy. To narrow down your choices, simply think about what type of food you’re in the mood for on a particular day, then take it from there.

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